Marketing Predictions for 2010 From Leading Experts Offered For Free

eWayDirect, Inc., offers free ebook with social media, search, and emarketing predictions for the new year

SOUTHPORT, Conn. – Leading emarketer eWayDirect, Inc. (; 203-254-0404, [email protected]) is distributing a free ebook that includes predictions for 2010 from leading experts in social media, search marketing, and emarketing via its website at

“Experts in the fields of email, search, and social media are all here, commenting on what they think is going to happen in 2012.”

“We have terrifically valuable information here,” says Jason Peck, manager of social media at eWayDirect and general editor of the ebook. “Experts in the fields of email, search, and social media are all here, commenting on what they think is going to happen in 2012.”

Contributors to the book include Kipp Bodner, Jason Falls, Rachel Happe, Jonathan Lawoyin, Justin Levy, Dan London, Marc Meyer, Neil Rosen, Ted Rubin, Michael Schechter, Jeremy Smith, Jim Tobin, Mike Tuccillo, and Tim Walker.

“Social media is having a huge impact on business, not just from a marketing perspective, but also in areas such as customer service, market research, and product development,” says Peck. “While 2009 was the year many brands started experimenting with social media, 2010 will be the year people start being held accountable for using it to generate an impact.”

Neil Rosen, president and CEO of eWayDirect and one of the thought contributors to the ebook, says he’s pleased to be sharing it with other marketers. “It’s a good way for us to reach out and give something to other marketers in his holiday season,” he says. “And of course we’re hoping that as marketers visit the eWayDirect website to download the book, they’ll take a moment to stop and learn about Direct|Connect as well.”

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