CoolerAds Launches Affordable Online Advertising Tools for Small Businesses in More Than 200 Community Newspapers Based in Over 1000 Cities

Web-Based Tool Fosters Social Connections Between Local Consumers and Businesses Through Their Community Papers

BUDD LAKE, N.J. – CoolerAds, the industry-leading local online advertising platform for community newspapers and their local advertisers, announces the launch of its new online advertising business tools for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in more than 1000 cities nationwide. With its suite of new business tools, local businesses can build a dynamic web presence with an unlimited amount of coupons, products, services, news, events and videos. Business owners can also leverage their established relationships by sending invitations to customers to join their network and receive updates and exclusive offers. All of these features are optimized to improve search engine placement, assisting advertisers in attracting new customers through online visitor traffic.

With the launch, consumers can visit directly or via links on their local newspaper’s web site to find coupons, products, services, videos and special offers posted by local businesses. Businesses advertising with a member community newspaper are provided with a free profile page. Upgraded packages for business owners create searchable content and offers, prominently displayed in real time.

The CoolerAds tools help community newspaper publishers generate revenue online with cost-effective solutions available to all local businesses in their markets. The CoolerAds platform is priced to garner maximum participation from business owners, and generate invaluable local content, coupons and offers for consumers.

Platform for Publishers

As partners with community newspapers, CoolerAds creates a physical presence in the cities covered by those publications. These publications typically have been in operation for decades, maintain large circulations, experienced sales associates and established relationships with local advertisers. They also have relevant content such as local news, events and municipal information which is very valuable to consumers.

“Our goal from the beginning has been to leverage our display ad archiving system, along with other solutions such as electronic proofing and electronic tear sheets to help publishers engage local advertisers online,” stated Peter Previte, CEO of CoolerAds. “The CoolerAds platform now processes at least 10,000 display ads online each week, from more than 25,000 local advertisers each month. We recently surpassed one million display ads processed, a number we’re very proud of. Our unique business model encourages local business owners to take the next step with an affordable online solution, offered by their local newspaper,” added Previte.

Joe Nicastro, cofounder of CoolerAds, a former community newspaper publisher and 25-year industry veteran, is thrilled with the evolution of CoolerAds. “We wanted to build a platform to solve the problems that community newspapers experience with their print operations, and ultimately provide them with the tools they need to take advantage of the growth of online advertising. We’ve done that well, and we’re receiving extremely positive feedback from our partners,” added Nicastro.

Patrick Smith, Publisher for Capital Region Newspaper Group, is equally thrilled. “We’re very excited about the new CoolerAds business tools – our sales force is eager to provide our local business customers with this robust online advertising solution. We’ve used CoolerAds’ display ad archiving system for more than two years, and with this affordable new solution, we expect high adoption rates as we begin the rollout. The CoolerAds online advertising solution perfectly complements the local exposure we offer our business customers on our website and via print,” added Smith.

The CoolerAds platform is available for free licensing by qualified publishers. Publications interested in leveraging CoolerAds to improve both print and online advertising operations are invited to sign up at The system is available on a first come, first served basis to community newspapers nationwide.

About CoolerAds

CoolerAds is the industry-leading local online advertising platform for community newspapers and their local advertisers. The CoolerAds platform provides back office productivity tools for publishers, including its patent pending display ad archiving system, electronic proofing, electronic tear sheets and a suite of communication tools that help reduce costs and generate more revenue. provides affordable online advertising packages for small businesses which enable them to attract local customers with content publishing tools, online deals and social networking features. Structured content from advertisers is disseminated out to the web helping the small business owner get exposure in multiple places on the Internet, including their local newspaper’s web site.

About Kaesu

Kaesu’s CoolerAds technology platform allows community newspapers to “lock in” print and online advertising relationships with local businesses, putting the paper in the enviable position of providing the most affordable and effective local advertising solutions to every local advertiser. Kaesu’s business model looks at the bigger picture of “Local Search”, integrating content from local businesses as well as consumers, dramatically improving search engine optimization, advertiser exposure and the value of web sites. For more information, visit

About Capital Region Weekly Newspaper Group

The Capital Region Newspaper Group, which includes Pennysaver, The Advertiser, MoneySaver and The Weekly Pennysaver, serves Rensselaer and Saratoga counties (NY state) with a weekly circulation of 180,000. CRW Newspaper Group has been successfully using the CoolerAds platform since 2008.