Clickable To Introduce A Simple Way To Advertise On Facebook

Clickable makes Facebook Ads simple and effective alongside search advertising

NEW YORK – Clickable, the platform that makes online advertising Simple, Instant and Profitable™, introduces a live advertising solution to integrate both search and social media. Clickable makes it simple for marketers to advertise on Facebook® by integrating Facebook Ads into Clickable’s self-manage Pro tool and Assist service offerings.

“Building on the Facebook Ads API, Clickable has been able to develop tools that will help marketers better understand the value of their Facebook advertising campaigns,” said Grady Burnett, Facebook’s director of online sales and operations. “Facebook advertisers are always looking for ways to compare their different campaigns and Clickable has created a product that allows them to do so.”

“We’re delighted to be part of the Facebook Ads API beta and to introduce live tools and services that make Facebook Ads simple and effective alongside search advertising,” said David S. Kidder, Clickable co-founder and chief executive officer. “The integration of Facebook signals Clickable’s expansion from search advertising into new online channels like social, where we intend to simplify success once again.”

Clickable Pro now integrates with Facebook Ads

Clickable Pro, the company’s flagship online advertising solution, now can be used to help manage Facebook Ads alongside the major search engines. Clickable Pro lets marketers easily create and upload cost-per-click Facebook Ads in bulk. With Clickable conversion tracking, marketers can track conversions and ROI of Facebook alongside their search marketing campaigns — all with a simple conversion tag placed on their Web sites. Marketers also can produce customized, white-label performance reports.

The Interactive Media Awards recently named Clickable Pro “Best In Class for Computer Software,” a recognition bestowed to the most innovative online products.

Clickable Assist now integrates with Facebook Ads

Clickable’s Facebook integration also includes Clickable Assist, a managed service that delivers agile assistance to maximize online advertising success. Clickable Assist can help existing Pro customers launch their Facebook ads for future self management. Clickable Assist also can manage the entire process, including set-up, launch and ongoing management of Facebook Ads alongside search marketing campaigns.

Clickable’s Pro and Assist offerings become available April 12, 2010, but advertisers can pre-register now at, or call 888-799-4914. New Facebook advertisers will receive a free $100 Facebook coupon upon activation, and users new to Clickable can take advantage of a free two-week trial of Clickable’s Pro tool.

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