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Efficient Frontier Launches Industry’s First Integrated Search and Display Platform


New Offering Helps Marketers Significantly Improve the Effectiveness of their Online Ad Campaigns

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Efficient Frontier, a leading online performance marketing company, announced its entry into display advertising with a fully integrated display and search marketing optimization platform. The new display offering includes real-time bidding capabilities, which is dynamic bidding at the impression level, as well as a proven portfolio approach to optimization. The portfolio approach allows advertisers to leverage predictive modeling to forecast performance outcomes based on overall goals.

Efficient Frontier is the first company to provide a platform that integrates biddable display with search marketing, allowing advertisers’ total campaigns to be more holistically optimized for greater Return on Investment (ROI). The Efficient Frontier platform is integrated with the large advertising exchanges including Yahoo!’s Right Media and Google’s AdEx. Additionally, Efficient Frontier utilizes Google’s real-time bidding technology and Application Programming Interface (API) to improve results for its clients.

“By adding display to our existing search campaign with Efficient Frontier, we have seen even more highly targeted leads to our online campaign,” said Stacey Doyne, External Marketing Manager, The Motley Fool. “Cross optimization is the wave of the future and we are happy to be working with an industry leader in this area.”

Advertisers will have access to reporting that accurately captures, calculates, and attributes the value driven by both search and display advertising, a significant step forward in addressing one of the thorniest issues in online marketing. Additionally, marketers will be able to capitalize on Efficient Frontier’s well established portfolio optimization approach now deployed for bidding across both search and display.

“The Efficient Frontier platform is a critical piece to our success as an agency with performance marketers,” said Justin Hind, COO, Downstream Marketing. “Our clients are thrilled that the power of Efficient Frontier’s proven solution in search engine marketing is now available in display.”

Efficient Frontier’s unified platform puts the buying controls for search and display in the hands of its customers. In addition to the powerful reports and optimization, clients value the forecasting and simulations that provide visibility into future performance.

“The ad network landscape is rapidly evolving and we see our entry into the biddable display market as a perfect opportunity to help advertisers increase their campaigns’ reach and total effectiveness,” said David Karnstedt, President and CEO, Efficient Frontier. “We are the only player in the market today that optimizes across both search and display and, for the first time, ties accurate attribution to direct action in bidding and buying.”

About Efficient Frontier

Efficient Frontier is a leading digital performance marketing company managing search and display optimization for large-scale marketers around the globe. Founded in 2002, Efficient Frontier pioneered the application of modern portfolio theory to Search Engine Marketing. Today, the company combines its core predictive modeling algorithms and bidding technology with comprehensive, value-added services to manage more than $900 million in annual spend globally. The largest and most sophisticated advertisers and agencies partner with Efficient Frontier to achieve and sustain optimal campaign performance in highly complex and competitive marketplaces. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with offices in New York, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and India, and technology licensing partnerships in Japan and Australia. Efficient Frontier is a privately held company with funding from Redpoint Ventures and Cambrian Ventures. For more information, please visit www.efrontier.com and subscribe to the Efficient Frontier blog at blog.efrontier.com.


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