Panache Partners with Industry Innovators in The Rising Tide Co-Op to Deliver Superior Advertising Models to Publishers

Panache Platform to Standardize Online Video Advertising Delivery for Publishers; Ushers in New Era of Innovation and Monetization

LOS ANGELES – Panache, the advertising platform for digital video, announced its unique role within The Rising Tide Co-Op to enable video publishers and content owners to access a new online video ad format called the ASq and to standardize the technology pipeline for online video ad delivery; thereby facilitating future innovation in the space.

“VivaKi and The Rising Tide Co-Op’s industry-wide initiative will help standardize a pipeline for digital video advertising spend, enabling scalable innovation as the industry identifies optimal ad experiences for Internet-distributed video,” said Steve Robinson, CEO, Panache. “Panache’s business was built working with publishers’ player engineering, ad operations, and sales teams. We are bringing that experience to the Co-Op to make publisher enablement for buy-side ad spend fast and easy.”

VivaKi, the strategic entity that comprises the digital and media assets inside of Publicis Groupe, announced, this February, results from its unique research initiative The Pool. The first wave of research, focusing on online video, identified the Ad Selector as the most optimal online video ad format for advertisers, consumers and content owners. The Rising Tide Co-Op is working to operationalize this model and unveil a new version of the ad model in September, called the ASq. The ASq is a format that allows users to select one of three ads to view before the commencement of non-advertising video content.

All ASq campaigns will be 3rd-party ad served by The Rising Tide Co-Op, with publishers using in-house ad servers for ad scheduling, configuration of ad parameters and for in-house tracking. In order to access The Rising Tide Co-Op for ad serving, all publishers will need to integrate their video player(s) with the Panache platform, which will standardize the delivery method for any current and future ad formats. In addition, Panache enables the testing and rendering of ASq, as well as advanced publisher-facing analytics and scalable workflow solutions. Panache’s work with major video publishers’ Ad Operations and technical teams has helped publishers innovate around ad loads and ad mixes, maximizing profitability within their digital video business.

”The Rising Tide Co-Op is a group of industry pioneers who are dedicated to pushing the industry forward and bringing the advertising value of online video close to that of television,” said Tracey Scheppach, VivaKi Director of Innovation and creator of The Pool. “Panache is an integral member of this group due to its publisher-facing role in the Co-Op, facilitating publisher adoption of the ASq.”

Panache’s technology is currently embedded in the digital video ecosystem of clients including all MTV Networks properties, PBS, Fox as well as a breadth of partners such as Adobe, Microsoft, thePlatform, Brightcove, Akamai, PointRoll, and many others.

Along with VivaKi, Panache joins Vindico, Visible Measures and Tidal TV in the Co-Op.

About The Rising Tide Co-Op

The Rising Tide Co-Op was formed to provide a scalable and open technology stack for ASq, a branded, optimized version of the Ad Selector experience. The Rising Tide Co-Op solution integrates best-of-breed optimization, reporting, serving, and rendering technology, all tailored to the requirements of ASq.

About Panache

Founded in 2006, Panache helps premium video publishers make Internet-distributed video into a profitable and sustainable business with a comprehensive ad platform. The Company simplifies all aspects of premium publishers’ direct ad sales business resulting in increased ad inventory and full ad loads. Panache’s platform includes ad products, ad product planning, ad fulfillment workflow technology and visually represented ad effectiveness reporting.

Founded in 2006, Panache is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles.