Monster Career Ad Network, the Largest Recruitment-Focused Ad Network, Continues to Drive Innovation

Direct Career Site Linking and Candidate Source Tracking Make it Easy for Recruiters to Reach Millions of Highly Relevant Candidates and Measure Recruitment Media Performance

MAYNARD, Mass. – Recruiters are finding that the most effective way to reach relevant, passive candidates with a targeted message is by leveraging Monster Career Ad Network. Career Ad Network delivers unprecedented global reach – over 63 million monthly Internet users in the US – as the only top 30 Online Advertising Network dedicated to talent sourcing according to comScore, Inc. (May 2010). Today®, the leading job matching engine and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW) is adding more horsepower to Career Ad Network through two innovations – one designed to leverage an employer’s career site strategy and another that provides real visibility into the source of candidates and ROI.

Recruiters Take Control with Career Ad Network Direct

Career Ad Network Direct provides the same patent pending ad creation technology and targeted syndication to thousands of websites as the standard Career Ad Network product, but interested candidates will now be guided directly back to the employer’s career site or ATS powered requisition.

With over 70 Fortune 100 companies choosing Career Ad Network to extend their recruitment reach, Monster engaged directly with its customers to develop Career Ad Network Direct. “Monster Career Ad Network has been very successful in terms of growth and customer adoption over the last three years because it takes something that marketers covet, the ability to reach people through behavioral targeting, and brings it to the recruitment industry,” said Darko Dejanovic, global CIO and head of product for Monster Worldwide. “Now, with Career Ad Network Direct we can offer targeted syndication and media powered reach to every job requisition for any type of customer.”

Tracking ROI through Enhanced Analytics

To provide a more comprehensive view into employer return on investment, Monster invested in a new tracking and tagging technology and is now able to offer Enhanced Analytics reporting with Monster job postings and Career Ad Network products. Enhanced Analytics is a cookie-based tracking system that captures indirect response — actions taken by seekers (e.g., career site visits, applies, etc.) on an employer’s career site at some time after being served an ad, but not necessarily immediately following a direct click on that ad unit. This platform provides employers with insight into how seekers find job opportunities through Monster’s recruitment media and how Monster influences the seekers to visit the customers’ career site and apply for jobs.

A customer trial of the Enhanced Analytics system demonstrated a behavior that experienced recruiters have known for years. “Job seekers don’t go through a linear process when they apply for a job,” said Christopher Snow, senior product manager of analytics and reporting for Monster. “Our test showed over 40% of job seekers that ended up at the employer’s career site after viewing a job posting did not click on the apply button in the job posting. They saw the job on but they found their own way back to the career site.” The trial demonstrated that indirect response was especially significant with Career Ad Network where 10 times more candidates* were influenced by Career Ad Network ads than could be tracked using conventional click-based response tracking.

*Based on number of candidates who ultimately applied for jobs after having been served a Career Ad Network ad compared to number of candidates who directly clicked through a Career Ad Network ad to apply for jobs during Monster’s pilot study with over 30 customers in the US, November 2009 – April 2010

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