DoubleClick Ad Planner – New Features Release for July 2010

Google has launched several new updates to DoubleClick Ad Planner, designed to enhance the overall experience with the tool. With these releases, one can streamline the process of building online media plans and campaigns while getting access to better data for more informed media planning decisions. A summary of these updates is included below, as per Google’s earlier announcement.

Custom Columns
A handy feature, custom columns allows you to customize the columns you view within the Ad Planner “Search by audience” interface. To access this new feature go to the “Search by audience” tab and click on the “Columns” drop down menu located on the upper right hand side of the “Placement” section. Choose column options from Placement Info and Country.

Exporting Google Display Network placements to existing AdWords campaigns
When the Export to AdWords feature was made available in Ad Planner back in June, you could easily export Google Display Network (GDN) placements from Ad Planner into a new campaign in AdWords. With this latest feature upgrade, you can now export placements into existing AdWords campaigns and ad groups as well.
The process is simple. Select GDN placements for export and click the “Export to AdWords” button found in the “Research by Audience” and “Media Plan” sections of Ad Planner. Exported placements will appear as either a new ad group or be incorporated into existing campaigns or ad groups in your AdWords accounts. These exported placements can be found in the “Networks” tab under “Managed placements.”

YouTube and Google Finance now included in Ad Planner is now included in Ad Planner and comes in at number 2 on the latest Ad Planner 1000 list.  Google Finance has also been added to Ad Planner with this release and you can continue to see previously included Google properties such as Blogger , Orkut and Picnik .

Google Content Network is now Google Display Network
In June, the Google Content Network got a new name — the Google Display Network — to better reflect the breadth of Google’s display media offerings. You can run ads on the Google Display Network the same way you always have on the Google Content Network.

With this latest release, you will notice a change in the Ad Planner interface reflecting this new term, and you’ll see Google Display Network where you might have seen Google Content Network mentioned.

To read more about the Google Display Network check out the Agency Adwords blog post at <a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”></a>.
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