How Americans Use Social Media – Social Media is Where Customers Are Spending More of Their Time

DUBLIN – Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “How Americans Use Social Media” report to their offering.

The exponential growth of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Foursquare makes it imperative for marketers to integrate such sites into their marketing programs.

This fast-reading executive briefing aggregates research from more than 40 expert sources to portray how Americans use social media. Plus, a series of industry cases demonstrate how thoughtfully-developed marketing plans provide a deeper connection with consumers and earn brands life-long customers who also act as ambassadors, promoting favored brands even further within the social media space.

With How Americans Use Social Media And How Brands Communicate With Consumers On Facebook, Twitter & Other Networks you’ll learn how savvy marketers make their fans feel as though they’re getting “inside information” about special offers or new products. And you’ll discover how successful marketers help brand loyalists “declare their love” to all their friends.

Why go to the trouble? Because social media is where their customers are spending more and more of their time and customers who friend and follow brands online are more likely to buy the brand and recommend it to friends and family. This report gives you the hard numbers to prove it:

– More than 140 million Americans log on to a social media site every month and that number continues to grow.
– 70% of adults have Facebook profiles.
– One-third of social media users are 45 and older.
– The majority of travelers visit social network sites to plan and share details of their trips.
– Half of those who friend restaurants on social media want to be alerted to deals or receive coupons.

Marketing via social media is a new discipline, and while there is no playbook by which brands operate, How Americans Use Social Media guides you to an understanding of the different roles social media play in our lives and how marketers use social media tools in different contexts to build relationships with customers and prospects.

How Americans Use Social Media includes complete contact information for all sources cited so you can delve further into the data as needed, plus a special introductory section debunking five common myths about social media.

Key Topics Covered:




Opening A Line Of Communication
The Perils Of Navigating Open Communication With Consumers
The Numbers: Who Is Doing What And Using Which Media?
Social Media Comes Of Age: What Strategies Brands Are Employing And Results Thus Far
Industry Cases
Lessons From The Travel Industry: Southwest Airlines, Meet Kevin Smith
Restaurant Industry Sinks Its Teeth Into Social Media
Social Media And Philanthropy: Virtual Gifts Earn Real Rewards
How TV Marketers Build Buzz, From Facebook To Foursquare
Music And Social Media: The Age Of Shameless Self-Promotion


Getting To Know Online Americans
Broadband Households Are Robust Internet Users


Demographic Differences: Social Media Users Vs. Online Americans
Social Network And Twitter Audiences Grow; Fewer Read Blogs
Twitter Users Are Radically Different From Other Social Networkers
Men And Women On Twitter
Executives On Twitter
Youth And Social Media
Teens Spend Four Hours A Day On Social Media Sites
Teens Are More Social On Social Nets
Another Assessment: Teens Do Good With Social Networks
Young Adults On Twitter
Women And Social Media
Social Butterflies: Most Women Use Social Media Weekly
Social Media Moms: The Most Effective Ways For Marketers To Reach This Tech-Savvy Group
Women Gamers On Social Networks Present An Opportunity For Brand Engagement
Emerging Majorities And Social Media
Hispanics And Asians Keep Pace With Whites On Social Nets


Social Networking Sites Vs. Text and Email
Not All Social Networks Are Created Equal
Online Networking Is Social
Social Media Enables A Shift In Attitude
Facebook Dominates Share Of Time, Blogs Gain Ground
Social Networking: Employers Grapple With Policies For Connecting While At Work
Few Generate Social Media Content, But Most Use It
Online Brand Experiences Are Enhanced Through Social Networks
Fans And Followers Become Buyers
The Influence Of Social Networking On Consumer Actions
Mobile Social Media Users
Demographics Of Mobile Social Media Users
Smartphones Drive Increase In Mobile Social Media Users
Mobile Web Users Are Social

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