New Ad Platform to Revolutionize Ad Targeting and Improve Campaign Effectiveness by Overlaying Social and Intent Data With User Connections

Online Ad Pioneer Gurbaksh Chahal Launches RadiumOne Ad Network; Guarantees Brands Improved Performance in Ad Campaigns or Their Money Back

SAN FRANCISCO – RadiumOne, the revolutionary new online ad network that for the first time overlays social and intent data together to aid brands’ ability to deliver relevant and targeted ads and get results, launched with the pledge that it will outperform any other ad network or refund the full cost of campaigns that run on the new network.

RadiumOne is the first ad network to mine social data and use this information to identify relevant consumers for brands. RadiumOne’s proprietary “social retargeting” algorithms analyze how users interact with one another in order to find the consumers that most closely identify with a brand’s current customer base, allowing the Company’s robust ad-serving platform to serve the right advertisements to the right social clusters at the right time. Based on in-market tests it has performed, RadiumOne estimates that its new targeting methods will improve ad conversion rates by up to 500%. Importantly, since its network consists only of comScore Top 500 sites, RadiumOne also offers advertisers full transparency.

RadiumOne’s CEO and founder is Gurbaksh Chahal, an advertising veteran who has been a pioneer in advancing behavioral targeting platforms and ad networks. Chahal founded and led behavioral targeting innovator Blue Lithium, which was acquired by Yahoo! for $300 million in 2007. Prior to that, he founded ClickAgents, a performance-advertising startup that sold to ValueClick for $40 million in 2000. RadiumOne is solving the problem that BlueLithium was trying to address – creating reach and scale for advertisers.

“I am thrilled that we will be bringing new effectiveness and efficiency to the science of targeted advertising,” Chahal said. “After the sale of BlueLithium, no new innovations in display advertising have come to life. At the same time, the macro trend of social networking and social interactions have transformed how consumers use the Web. The new data that is available will allow us to deliver ads that really matter. RadiumOne will allow us to guarantee brands unprecedented efficiency and campaign success.”

RadiumOne’s “social retargeting” has a number of key characteristics:

Plotting data on a social graph: As social media users share information like links, blog posts, videos and more, RadiumOne analyzes interactions and places these consumers on a social graph that classifies their behavior.
Forming “social clusters”: RadiumOne takes social data and segments the various interactions to form “social clusters” of people who know each other and share common interests. RadiumOne then leverages these new groups to serve ads that will generate results for brands. It also builds “lookalikes” of these users through its proprietary modeling algorithms.
Utilizing Social Interactions: The best advocate for a brand is often a friend or family member who is already using the product. Through RadiumOne’s “social retargeting” capabilities, RadiumOne can track anonymized consumers who share a link with the advertiser’s current customer base and serve these new prospects ads with which they are likely to engage.

“Ad networks haven’t really innovated since behavioral targeting came to display,” said Marc Ruxin, Chief Innovation Officer at UniversalMcCann and member of the RadiumOne advisory board. “RadiumOne has a chance to take a leap forward and provide reach, scale, and transparency by utilizing social data as an evolution from behavioral.”

“Advertisers buy valuable audiences, and I’m really impressed that RadiumOne has found a way to expand the audience of consumers they serve ads to while maintaining targeting effectiveness,” said Eric Bader, Chief Strategy Officer at Initiative and RadiumOne advisory board member. “The major trend in the next 5 years is going to be about engaging consumers online in social experiences, and as social data continues to be entered on the Web, RadiumOne is way out in front on this vertical.”

RadiumOne will become the parent corporation that will eventually house a number of brands aimed at specific ad verticals, including gWallet, the pioneer in connecting brands in social media that was founded last year. All of the companies and vertical ad solutions in the RadiumOne corporate family will share data and targeting capabilities across a unified platform and will be represented by a single sales force.

More information on RadiumOne can be found at, and advertisers can contact the sales department at [email protected].

About RadiumOne

RadiumOne is the first online ad network to leverage social data on the Web. Through its unique “social retargeting” feature, RadiumOne enables brands to find consumers who most resemble their current user base and identify users who are most likely to engage with their ads. RadiumOne was founded by Gurbaksh Chahal, who previously started Click Agents and Blue Lithium, two leading ad networks that were sold to ValueClick and Yahoo!, respectively. RadiumOne is based in San Francisco, CA, and was founded in 2010.