Nexstar Broadcasting Builds on Success of Its “101 Reasons TV Advertising Works” Campaign

– Highlights the Unrivaled Effectiveness of Local Television Advertising

– More than Doubles the Number of Spots Outlining the Strength and Value of Local Television Advertising and Provides Stations With Tool Kits to Create Targeted Hyper-Local Promotional Messages

IRVING, Texas – Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: NXST) announced that based on a year of success, it is expanding its Company-wide informational and educational campaign, “101 Reasons TV Advertising Works.” The expansion more than doubles the number of spots available to its stations and provides them with full promotional tool kits to create custom, hyper-local targeted promotional messages featuring testimonials from clients describing the value they have garnered from local television advertising. The expanded on-air initiative reflects Nexstar’s commitment to developing innovative methods of highlighting the advantages and value of local television and its role as the most effective advertising medium for local businesses.

Originally launched in October 2009, Nexstar’s “101 Reasons TV Advertising Works” campaign included 39 corporate-produced, easily customizable promotional spots for the Company’s owned or managed television stations in 34 markets. Since introducing the campaign, Nexstar has generated consistent increases in new-to-television local direct billings and reported a 9.6% total increase in gross local revenues for the nine months ended June 30, 2010. In expanding the “101 Reasons TV Advertising Works” campaign, Nexstar is adding 42 spots which complement existing station on-air promotional platforms to inform and educate advertisers on local television as the most persuasive and influential medium with the highest consumer reach, and most time spent by consumers. Each of the 81 now available five-to-thirty-second spots are fully customizable so every Nexstar station can ensure that advertisers receive specific data that best showcases the strengths and value of local television advertising relative to other forms of media.

Perry A. Sook, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc., commented, “The success of our ‘101 Reasons TV Advertising Works’ campaign speaks for itself. Our stations are more effective than ever before in illustrating the benefits of local television as the advertising platform that consistently delivers the best results. Rolled out just a year ago, our forward thinking campaign clearly brings forth the compelling results and value of local television advertising. In doing so, we helped hundreds of local businesses offset the impact of the challenging economic climate by demonstrating how local television was the most effective method for companies to connect with local customers.”

According to research sourced by The Television Bureau of Advertising, television consistently reaches the most consumers with daily household viewing times across all demographics again attaining record levels at 8 hours and 21 minutes in 2009. Television advertising also continues to rank by wide margins as the most influential medium and the most persuasive medium (85.7% and 78.1%, respectively) based on surveys with adults 18+.

Mr. Sook concluded, “The initial success of this program has been impressive and our station personnel have taken an active role in expanding this initiative with 17 of the 42 new spots based on concepts submitted by our local stations. We’ve also taken the 2010 ‘101 Reasons’ campaign to the next level by providing stations with a full promotional tool kit with various wildlines complemented by the look of the main campaign. Stations can use this collateral material to create locally generated client testimonials showcasing the reasons television advertising works with their clients and we expect that these locally generated testimonials will complement the main campaign with an emphasis on hyper-localism.”

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