MindJolt’s New Advertising Optimization Engine, AdJolt, Drives Financial Returns for Online Games

Independent Game Developers Report 50-70% Increase in Revenue

SAN FRANCISCO – MindJolt, the largest social gaming platform for 3rd party game developers, announced AdJolt, an innovative monetization product that maximizes advertising and virtual currency revenues for independent game developers on MindJolt owned gaming websites and applications that reach 20 million users across the Web.

AdJolt provides game developers with easy to integrate API’s that provide a full service advertising and virtual currency solution to monetize their content. Developers that have converted to AdJolt have reported exponential increases in revenue, while the company has doubled daily revenue over the last 90 days.

“Small game developers can build big businesses on MindJolt,” explained MindJolt CEO Chris DeWolfe. “We reward their high quality games with the highest possible financial return—putting real money in their pockets. MindJolt’s new advertising solution cranks up the cash flow: Developers simply borrow a few lines of codes to make more money with every game play.”

“Switching over to MindJolt’s AdJolt has dramatically increased our revenues,” said a representative of Adam Jones Productions, an independent flash games developer. “On average, Adam Jones Productions has seen a 50-70% increase over the previous ad solution. MindJolt has always been our highest source of game plays, and now they are offering the highest returns per play.”

For independent game developers, MindJolt’s solution allows them to focus wholly on creating great games, while MindJolt solves business concerns such as distribution, monetization, and analytics. MindJolt delivers their games across popular websites and leading social networks to more than 20 million gamers, and monetizes their content through advertising and virtual currency. For many developers, the opportunity to focus on the creative work of game development while offloading crucial business functions provides the opportunity to remain independent and profitable.

About MindJolt

MindJolt is a social gaming platform that provides independent game developers of all sizes a way to monetize their games, and access to a massive gaming audience on the world’s most popular web destinations. With 20 million unique users across the Web, MindJolt makes it easy for casual and social game developers to bring their games to a massive audience of gamers. MindJolt’s catalog aggregates more than 1,300 of the most popular casual games on the Web making it simple for millions of users to discover and engage with entertaining content. MindJolt was acquired in March of 2010, by the team that founded MySpace in partnership with Austin Ventures.

For more information, please visit: www.mindjolt.com