SAY Media Partners with KN Dimestore to Measure Impact of Ad Engagement on Brand Metrics

Industry-first methodology provides unprecedented insight into campaign performance and increases value for advertisers

NEW YORK – SAY Media, in partnership with research firm KN Dimestore, announced an entirely new research approach designed to measure the impact of user engagement on brand metrics. This groundbreaking methodology provides advertisers with more relevant and actionable data that enables optimization of digital advertising campaigns to increase an audience’s brand response.

Through the integration of KN Dimestore’s technology with SAY Media’s ad platform, SAY Media is now the first and only company able to report to advertisers the brand impact of their campaigns through the efficient recruitment of engagers. The company is also able to compare lift in such measures as recall, favorability, intent to purchase and more among the engaged audience in comparison to a control group.

“We have always provided deep behavioral data on engagement with our ad units, but now we can do what no other company can – report on the brand value of engagement,” said Matt Rosenberg, VP Solutions, SAY Media.

With this new methodology, interim results can be reviewed real-time and, provided a statistically significant sample of engagers has been recruited, the campaign’s targeting and/or creative can be optimized based on this timely and actionable data. Rather than relying on proxies for brand response, SAY Media can now react quickly to key findings about the audience’s reaction to the ad experience and provide more value to the advertiser.

Advertisers increasingly recognize the value of engagement as a superior campaign performance measure when compared to ad exposure. However, traditional brand effectiveness research approaches often neglect to break out the value of engagers and typically incur low response rates (e.g., approximately 10,000 complete surveys to furnish a sample of just 100 engagers, assuming average engagement, response and completion rates).

“SAY Media’s unique approach to measuring engagement uses a very efficient and highly responsive sampling method that significantly out-performs traditional and retargeting implementations and allows us to sample the hard to find and more valuable population of engagers,” said Michele Madansky, Ph.D., a research consultant and pioneer in online advertising effectiveness.

In studies conducted by SAY Media over a two month period, even relatively common media buys have garnered hundreds of completed surveys from engagers. This robust sample size allows the company to reliably describe the overall effect of the campaign on target audiences and provides more specific, relevant, and actionable information to clients.

“The digital media industry has so far been mostly focused on exposed audiences and has not paid enough attention to measuring the value of engagers for brand focused campaigns,” said Benjamin Theriault, VP Sales at KN Dimestore, “We are pleased to be able to innovate with SAY Media to show the value of engaged viewing to advertisers. As digital media continues its rapid evolution, the tools to understand its effects must evolve as well.”

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