BuzzLogic Upgrades Its Conversational Media Planner with Improved Analysis, Insights and Scale

BuzzPlanner” helps advertisers instantly improve brand metrics and ROI at scale, leveraging online conversations with custom, rich and standard media placements

Enhanced input – system upgrades include the ability to analyze specific brand goals and translate them into conversation targets that deliver greater ROI
Improved output – plans not only define the best URLs to advertise on, but now includes the ability to scale, as well as to identify the opportunity size and additional conversation target opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO – BuzzLogic, an online media company that improves brand metrics and ROI through its scaleable media index and analytics platform, has upgraded BuzzPlanner, its conversational media planner and key buying component of its online advertising platform. Updates to BuzzPlanner include the ability to: 1) input specific brand goals which generate hundreds of URLs that can be targeted with ads, 2) optimize the placements according to conversation change metrics, and 3) scale the media plan to maximize return.

After inputting a query based around specific audience and campaign objectives, the planning module intelligently ranks and outputs hundreds of URLs for targeted ad placement, which the company then places on behalf of the brand. BuzzPlanner also allows the company’s media team to optimize during the campaign as it uncovers more dense, relevant and higher reach conversations to greatly improve ROI.

For example, a consumer package goods (CPG) company looked to target a seasonal product to audiences nostalgic about autumn. After utilizing BuzzLogic’s index and analytics module to identify the genesis of relevant discussions around autumn, the BuzzPlanner then generated a customized media plan to reach millions of potential customers across several hundred URLs. Specifically, BuzzPlanner found both traditional autumn sites around holidays, as well as those pointed toward Fall TV show premieres, football and leaf peeping. Once the plan was implemented, the campaign was optimized. The BuzzLogic program was the highest performing element of the brand’s buy based around this campaign.

“We did business with more than 70 of the Fortune 1000 companies last year providing them the ability to improve ROI through our integrated solution using conversational metrics as our levers of optimization,” said Dave Hills, BuzzLogic’s CEO. “In a world where all content is social and conversations take place throughout the visible Web, the improvements to BuzzPlanner help scale and optimize media plans and buys for the highest return.”

BuzzLogic can uniquely produce and place a customized, horizontal media plan across the visible web reaching 208 million people, according to Comscore. The company’s proprietary tech platform utilizes indexing and ranking, versus cookies or other user targeting techniques.

About BuzzLogic

BuzzLogic’s proprietary index of content, unique analytics and scalable media capabilities enables brands to identify, impact and measure increases to their online brand persuasion. The company’s all-in-one technology platform combines indexing and analytics to determine which conversations are most critical to advertisers; it allows for scaleable media placements using standard rich media and custom ad units, and ensures the greatest return via optimization and reporting.

BuzzLogic’s clientele includes Proctor & Gamble, Toyota, Best Buy, PlayStation, Microsoft, and Starbucks. BuzzLogic is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, visit