DoubleVerify Global Privacy Manager Tool Helps Consumers Customize & Control Behavioral Advertising

Allows Site Owners to Tailor User Experiences to Their Brands & Streamline the Privacy Process

NEW YORK, NY – DoubleVerify, the pioneer and worldwide leader in online media verification and compliance, introduced a new version of its Privacy Manager as part of its OBA Compliance solution. The Privacy Manager allows consumers to set preferences for behaviorally targeted ads and lets DoubleVerify customers customize a user’s experience to match their sites’ look and feel. When consumers are served behaviorally targeted ads from DoubleVerify’s OBA Compliance solution, the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Advertising Option Icon appears. Once users click on the Icon, the Privacy Manager launches and empowers them to either opt-out of behavioral targeting or set preferences for what information can be used for targeting. The Privacy Manager includes hundreds of companies and provides additional information on their privacy practices, in addition to an opt-out where available.

Consumers also encounter the Privacy Manager when visiting a website that uses DoubleVerify’s OBA Compliance solution. The Privacy Manager can either be linked to the DAA’s Icon on a site or through a publisher’s privacy policy. DoubleVerify’s Privacy Manager allows websites to control the appearance of the user-facing experience to match their brand and site appearance.

“The Privacy Manager feature in our OBA product exemplifies how we support of the DAA’s Self-Regulatory program. We’re making it very simple for companies across the board — advertisers, intermediaries and publishers — to adhere to industry privacy standards for behavioral advertising so we can prove to government agencies that the online advertising industry can self regulate,” said Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Because of its ease of implementation, DoubleVerify’s OBA solution helps advertisers and publishers comply with the DAA’s standards with a click of a button. It is our responsibility to provide this service to consumers and imperative that the online advertising industry increases the transparency and accountability around its practices.”

DoubleVerify’s OBA compliance solution is a one-tag technology which, for customers of verification, uses the same ad tag it uses for its suite of verification solutions, enabling advertisers and publishers to comply with industry standards simply by checking a box on the system’s interface. The solution includes the placement of the Icon, the management of the disclosure information, the link to the user privacy manager and opt-out mechanism, as well as detailed evidence and reporting on compliance.

Since being certified by the DAA to provide OBA compliance services, DoubleVerify has placed it on more than 5 billion impressions per month across numerous ad campaigns. The company is offering its OBA solution at no charge until June 2011 to speed the adoption of the DAA’s Self-Regulatory program before potential regulatory legislation from the government is passed.

Meanwhile, individual industry organizations are beginning to enforce compliance with the self-regulatory program. The DMA’s deadline for compliance was January 31, 2011. The Better Business Bureau’s March 31, 2011 deadline is fast approaching and the Interactive Advertising Bureau set a date of August 29, 2011 as part of its recent Code of Conduct initiative for members. Because of DoubleVerify’s wide reach and hassle-free implementation, its OBA Compliance solution is the fastest and easiest method of compliance with the self-regulatory program.

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