Integrate Breaks Down Barriers Between Advertising Buyers and Sellers

Advertising Platform Announces Customer Milestones, New Executive, and Improved Media-Buying Functionality

DENVER – Integrate announced a series of significant milestones in the growth of its multi-channel performance marketing technology platform. The platform recently surpassed one million customer actions, five billion advertising impressions, and ten million clicks.

Integrate’s unique technology brings long-needed innovation to the media-buying process. Advertisers create fully customized marketing campaigns. Integrate’s technology automatically matches those campaigns with the best sources for fulfillment using a series of vital business data points. Buyers and sellers communicate and negotiate directly through the platform’s dashboard. Integrate employs a stringent quality assurance process that verifies and validates all results passed through the platform.

Integrate recently surpassed one million customer actions. Customer actions are comprised of actions such as an interested customer transferred live directly to an advertiser’s representative, an inbound phone call, a completed inquiry form online or offline, or a billable action occurring on the advertiser’s website (be it a purchase, download, sign-up, and more) – in short, any customer action that an advertiser has predetermined is billable.

In order to generate one million customer actions, Integrate has conservatively estimated that 5 billion ad impressions were seen and 10 million clicks occurred. An impression is defined as every time a consumer saw or heard an advertisement representing the campaign, whether they viewed a display banner on a Web page, opened an email, heard a radio commercial, or more. A click is defined as every time a consumer clicked on an online ad (display or text) in order to be routed to a landing page containing more information.

Integrate also announced today that Mr. Eder Holguin has been appointed Chief Revenue Officer. Following nearly a decade of experience in online advertising and interactive marketing, Mr. Holguin joined Integrate in April 2010 as VP of Strategic Partnerships. Prior to joining Integrate, Mr. Holguin founded OnDemand Research, which later became part of XL marketing, where he served as Vice President of Interactive Marketing. He also co-founded Iron Traffic, an online lead generation and advertising network that started with three employees in March of 2003 and was featured in the 2009 Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

Mr. Holguin will be based in New York City.

“If you can imagine a business that combines the pre-qualification and partner-matching expertise of eHarmony with the negotiation and rating platform of eBay, then you have a good idea of how Integrate has been so successful in such a short period of time,” according to Integrate Co-Founder Jeremy Bloom. “The milestones we are announcing today, the growth of our platform, and key hires such as Eder all add up to a company that is hitting its stride.”

Integrate has also released a media buying search tool that allows advertisers to search through thousands of performance marketing service providers. Buyers can search by verticals, acceptable pricing models, media types, targeting capabilities and more. This enhancement is one of the many improvements made to the platform over the next 90 days. New and updated features and interfaces are rolling out weekly. Once complete, this revamped interface will allow media buyers and sellers to more effectively manage the entire buying process with a few clicks, allowing one person to do the job of an entire team.

About Integrate

Integrate is a technology platform that innovates the media buying and selling process. The easy-to-use interface unifies virtually every type of media source – TV, mobile, print, display, SEM, billboards, and more – into a single dashboard allowing advertisers to manage all of their marketing efforts through a centralized system. Integrate’s technology automatically matches marketing campaigns with the most relevant fulfillment sources. The platform implements unparalleled data validation and fraud prevention controls to ensure that advertisers only receive quality results. Put simply, Integrate delivers an efficient and effective customer acquisition system, allowing one person to do the job of an entire team. For more information, please visit