CONTEXTWEB Reaches Major Milestone, With 50% of its RTB Inventory Enabled for Expandable Rich Media

Company delivers more ad engagement opportunities for RTB buyers

NEW YORK – CONTEXTWEB Inc.,, the integrated digital services company, announced it had reached a significant milestone, with 50% of its available RTB (real-time bidding) inventory accepting expandable rich media ads, the largest percentage available in the industry.

RTB buyers of CONTEXTWEB supply—ad networks, agency trading desks and demand-side platforms (DSPs)—can serve ads with rich media elements like video, graphics and animation that “expand” when a user clicks on them. Expandable ads, from leading providers such as PointRoll, are more effective because they can extend an ad’s offer, creative and messaging and allow for more user interaction.

According to research from PointRoll and Compete, expandable ads outperformed non-expandables in driving brand searches by an average of 39% and by as much as 155%. For driving key purchase indicators, expandables outperformed non-expandables by an average of 43% and by as much as 115%.

While this wealth of expandable inventory is unmatched in the industry, it’s the combination of expandable rich media ads with proprietary Smart Impression technology that differentiates CONTEXTWEB. Whereas most Real-Time Bidding (RTB) for ad impressions provides little detail on the characteristics of available inventory, a CONTEXTWEB Smart Impression provides 31 impression-level data attributes, including full-page URL, page level categorization, referrer URL, fold count position (how far down on a page an ad will appear) and whether it will accept an expandable rich media ad.

This Smart Impression capability from CONTEXTWEB indicates if an expandable ad is acceptable on each and every bid call, distinguishing it from companies that provide limited access to expandable media via domain white listing.

“DataXu recognizes that in order to drive the best results for our clients, one must consider the consumer, context and creative, said Adrian Tompsett, Director of Business Development at DataXu. “Running expandables across RTB inventory provides yet another tool in our arsenal empowering our advertisers to leverage our market-leading optimization, along with rich engaging creative and inventory from CONTEXTWEB to more efficiently deliver rich media campaigns at scale.”

“Expandable ad formats drive more engagement, and therefore better results for our clients, whether they are interested in optimizing against brand or performance criteria,” said Chevan Nanayakkara, Director of Business Development, MediaMath. “With CONTEXTWEB providing more RTB-enabled inventory with expandable media at scale, our programmatic buying with them becomes smarter and richer.”

“Rich media creative opportunities continue to be an imperative for brand advertisers,” said Rob Gatto, CEO of PointRoll. “Brands and agencies want to take advantage of expandable rich media to deliver interactive, engaging campaigns. Our partnership with CONTEXTWEB allows them to do that at scale, effectively and efficiently, for RTB buying.”

“Rich media expandable ads are powerful tools for creating compelling and engaging display ads,” said Jay Sears, General Manager of the CONTEXTWEB Exchange. “Adding in the capabilities of our Smart Impressions to enable more precise valuations and media buys, marketers can increase user interactivity, engagement and sales while avoiding the ‘dumb pipe syndrome’ that challenges most RTB transactions these days.”

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