Adcloud Amps up Online Advertising Performance across Europe with Hyperlocal Geolocation Data from Digital Element

Addition of Postcode-Level Targeting Benefits Both Buyers and Sellers within the Adcloud Advertising Marketplace

ATLANTA – Digital Element, the leading provider of geolocation and IP Intelligence technology, announced that Adcloud, an independent technology and service provider for the optimized exchange of online advertising, has deployed its NetAcuity Edge global, hyperlocal geolocation data to accurately target ads down to postcode geographic areas.

Adcloud provides up to 5,000 advertising contacts per second for 3,500 advertisers on more than 500 premium websites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Its clients include Spiegel QC, Swisscom and Omnicom Media Group. Adcloud has integrated NetAcuity Edge within its new postcode-level targeting product, which the company offers to its customers as part of a cutting-edge targeting suite aimed at reaching locally defined target groups with more accuracy and granularity. This newfound depth in targeted advertising provides Adcloud customers with higher value on the buy side and better monetization for the sell side.

“There is a high demand for more specific targeting of performance campaigns aimed at potential customers with an affinity for a particular product or service within a specific geographic location,” said Henning Lange, managing director of Adcloud GmbH. “Especially in the local market, performance is an extremely relevant topic. We’re seeing a lot of demand by customers that are only active in smaller regions of Germany, for example. With Digital Element’s technology, we can increase the overall performance of customers’ campaigns by improving campaign flow, targeting levels, and, ultimately, response rates.”

Now extending hyperlocal targeting across the globe, NetAcuity Edge has revolutionized the IP geolocation space by providing the only validated IP-to-postcode geographic data on the market. While IP targeting techniques traditionally rely on routing infrastructure analysis to an approximate city-level location, NetAcuity Edge combines traditional infrastructure analysis with anonymous insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to better map the Internet. The result is the most granular and accurate hyperlocal dataset that maintains user anonymity and complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy. In fact, Adcloud’s geotargeting complies with the data protection guidelines set out in Section 15 of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

“During the past year, European marketers have increased their online advertising spends as they place more focus on digital forms of marketing and communications,” said Frank Bobo, Vice President, Digital Element. “And with those increased budgets come additional demands for higher performing campaigns that more efficiently and accurately target potential customers to deliver exceptional return on their online advertising investments. Adcloud is proactively rising to meet these performance demands by expanding its geolocation services to more precisely target the right campaign to the right user at the right time in the right place.”

In 2011, it is projected that $18.7 billion (approx. €13.8 billion) was spent in online advertising in Western Europe, while Eastern Europeans are estimated to have spent $3.2 billion (approx. €2.4 billion). In 2012, the growth is expected to continue with online ad spending expected to reach its highest levels in the last few years (17.5 percent in Eastern Europe and 12.1 percent Western Europe). By 2014, online ad spend growth will reach 20.5 percent across all of Europe.1

About Digital Element

Digital Element delivers the de facto standard in IP Intelligence, providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet. Digital Element’s patented technology combines Internet routing infrastructure analysis with hundreds of millions of partner-derived online end-points, resulting in the most accurate IP geolocation data available today. Most of the world’s largest networks, websites, video portals and social networks deploy Digital Element’s IP technology to target advertising, localize content and video streaming, manage geographic rights, and enhance analytics. As the industry pioneer, Digital Element has long been the technical leader in evolving non-invasive IP Intelligence technology and now offers many IP datasets including Country/Region/City/Postcode Geography, Connection Speed, Domain Name, ISP, Company Name, Industry, Home/Business, Language, and Proxy information.

For more information on how to uncover new levels of insight about online users, please visit Digital Element is a business unit of Digital Envoy.

About Adcloud

Adcloud is an independent technology and service provider for the optimised exchange of online advertising. The Adcloud technology enables clients to offer and optimally control campaigns on their own advertising space. All participants can manage their own advertising space and campaigns on the Adcloud Marketplace and either use these exclusively for their own clients and placements or release them for trade to the whole platform. Today, Adcloud provides up to 5000 advertising contacts per second for 3500 advertisers on over 500 premium websites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. Adcloud’s clients include Goldbach Media, Omnicom Media Group, OMS, Ringier, SevenOne Interactive, Spiegel QC, Swisscom, Tamedia, Tomorrow-Focus Media and VivaKi. Adcloud has been a subsidiary of Deutsche Post since the beginning of 2011. More information at:

1 WSI Internet Marketing Trends Report 2011