ChoiceStream Launches CRUNCH™ Active Audience Targeting Solution Developed with Hill Holliday’s Platform Media Practice

Brand Marketers to Better Target Hard-to-Qualify Consumer Audiences and Double Consumer Engagement Using In-Banner Poll Technology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – ChoiceStream, a leading innovator in targeted advertising and marketing solutions, announced the launch of CRUNCH Active Audience, a solution developed with advertising agency Hill Holliday that enables marketers to target hard-to-qualify audiences based on shared attitudes, psychographic profiles, or affinities towards specific brands or products.

CRUNCH Active Audience is a key component of Hill Holliday Platform Media, an innovative practice area within the agency that focuses on automated, technology-driven media buying. When CRUNCH Active Audience has been leveraged on client campaigns, Hill Holliday has seen as much as double the consumer engagement.

Using a simple, visually engaging in-banner poll, CRUNCH Active Audience invites the consumer to share a specific trait or attitude, thus indicating their affinity towards a brand’s product or message. CRUNCH Active Audience uses information from the poll responses and ChoiceStream’s network of proprietary and third-party consumer data to build a “super profile” of the brand’s ideal prospect, and analyzes billions of data combinations to custom-assemble a scalable audience based on behavior and performance matching. As the campaign progresses, CRUNCH Active Audience steers the media buy in real time to target the ideal audience as it actively forms around the brand’s product or message.

“CRUNCH Active Audience represents the kind of cutting-edge technology we want to provide our clients, which is why we’ve closely partnered with ChoiceStream in this effort,” explained Jenna Umbrianna, Platform Media Lead at Hill Holliday. “When a solution doesn’t exist that addresses our clients’ needs, we look to partner with innovative companies like ChoiceStream to help us create one.”

“Hill Holliday’s out-of-the-box thinking and inventive approach to solving clients’ advertising challenges is demonstrated every day by the Platform Media practice,” said Eric Bosco, Chief Operating Officer for ChoiceStream. “They are passionate about bringing new ideas to the table for their clients, and it’s no surprise that they were one of the early adopters of CRUNCH. We are pleased to be working with such a forward-thinking agency and excited to introduce Active Audience to their clients.”

ChoiceStream CRUNCH is the only audience-targeting solution that uses ChoiceStream’s proprietary network of individuals to help brands identify and target their ideal audience. It combines proprietary customer data, third-party behavioral data, and sophisticated real-time ad response technology to predict who will respond to a brand’s advertising, where, and when.

Active Audience adds a critical third dimension to CRUNCH’s unique data footprint. By generating highly targeted, self-defined audiences based on hard-to-predict psychographic data and consumer affinities, CRUNCH helps brands efficiently identify and engage hard-to-qualify consumers. As a result, CRUNCH multiplies the number of qualified prospects the campaign can reach, while at the same time minimizing wasted impressions and reducing cost per engagement.

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