Exact Drive and Canned Banners Introduce One-Stop Solution for Dynamic Display Advertising

Companies combine expert online customer targeting with next-gen display ad design

SAN FRANCISCO, CA —Digital media agency Exact Drive and display ad design platform Canned Banners are announcing a partnership to offer marketers a one-stop solution for launching and managing dynamic display ad campaigns. The service increases the performance and precision of display ad campaigns by personalizing ad creative in real time for each viewer.

Available as a single, unified offering, the service includes: media strategy & planning, dynamic ad setup, campaign management & reporting, and ongoing performance optimization. Advertisers may learn more at www.exactdrive.com/dynamic-ads.

Dynamic ad campaigns identify opportunities where advanced targeting methods can be blended in real time with advertisers’ own product and offer data. In a fraction of a second, this data is used to generate custom-tailored display ads that match viewers’ individual interests. For example, a real estate advertiser might target homebuyers in a given geographic area with nearby listings, or a travel campaign might feature last-minute Hawaiian vacation deals adjacent to contextually relevant travel content.

Tim Nichols, principal media director at Exact Drive, said: “This partnership is exciting because of the benefit our clients are going to get. For example, this will take our clients’ retargeting campaigns to a whole new level by being able to feature the precise products and categories that people browsed. Our clients will no longer be limited to generalized audience categories and ‘one size fits all’ ads. Instead, they can  speak to people as unique individuals, which will really boost the impact of campaigns.”

Myles Younger, head of business development at Canned Banners, said: “We’re excited to have Exact Drive as a partner. The team at Canned Banners are experts at dynamic display ad design, and Exact Drive has the expertise and scale to launch high-performance online ad campaigns. The fact that this solution is powered by two independent companies is a unique strength compared to other dynamic ad offerings; each company brings their very best capabilities to the table, and clients reap the benefit.”

Marketers and companies wishing to learn more about dynamic display advertising can visit www.exactdrive.com/dynamic-ads.

Press contacts:

Myles Younger

Co-founder, Marketing and Business Development, Canned Banners

+1 415.290.5262

[email protected]

Tim Nichols

Principal Media Director, Exact Drive

[email protected]

About Exact Drive:

Exact Drive plans, manages and optimizes online advertising campaigns with the objective of delivering measurable value and empowering clients to find precisely targeted audiences. The company has handled campaigns for numerous clients including AmericInn, Benjamin Moore, Disney World Resorts, Travel Leaders and NCC Media. Founded in 2009, Exact Drive has offices in Washington, DC, Austin, TX, Phoenix, AZ and is headquartered in St Paul, MN.  For more information, visit www.exactdrive.com.

About Canned Banners:

Canned Banners provides online advertisers, ad networks, and agencies with technology and tools that streamline the process of creating display ads. For clients needing out-of-the-box ad creation capabilities, Canned Banners offers flexible web-based applications. The Canned Banners dynamic display advertising platform lets advertisers customize display ad content on the fly using real-time customer and targeting data. Canned Banners also offers a versatile API, allowing organizations to develop custom integrations and deploy white-labeled ad design tools. Go to www.cannedbanners.com to learn how Canned Banners is transforming display ad design from a costly bottleneck to a streamlined service that scales on demand.

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