Criteo Chooses DoubleVerify to Provide Worldwide Solution For Brand-Safe Performance Display Advertising

Partnership will ensure placement on appropriate and non-fraudulent sites

NEW YORK – Criteo (, the global leader in performance display advertising, announced a strategic partnership with DoubleVerify (, the worldwide leader in online media verification and decisioning. The global deal will enable Criteo to take their stringent “brand safety” requirements to the next level. By implementing DoubleVerify’s proprietary technology within its real-time buying environment, Criteo will ensure that their performance display ads will not appear on inappropriate or fraudulent sites.

DoubleVerify’s proprietary technology acquires data from each impression in real-time and interprets whether or not the site on which the ad is being served is safe.

Uniquely, Criteo will use DoubleVerify’s data for every single one of its advertisers’ campaigns, and will use the data in real-time to prevent an ad being displayed in an unsafe location, rather than reporting this problem after the fact.

“Brand safety has always been critical for Criteo. We looked at the available options in the marketplace to move beyond our current multiple layers of in-house protection, and it became clear DoubleVerify is the best solution and the industry standard to ensure that our ads will only run as intended,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Buying Officer for Criteo. “We believe this is the first time globally that anyone has implemented ad verification as an always-on solution for all their advertisers, and in such a way as to act in real-time before an impression is bought. Our confidence in DoubleVerify allows us to go live immediately in the US, with roll out globally over the coming months.”

DoubleVerify offers a comprehensive suite of ad verification monitoring, blocking and compliance solutions. It also provides the accurate and compliant delivery of ads for the online advertising ecosystem – publishers, advertisers, ad agencies, ad networks, and demand side platforms.

“DoubleVerify and Criteo are two best-in-class display advertising companies, and we are delighted to provide Criteo with the highest level of content verification accuracy in the marketplace,” said C. Eoin Townsend, Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Business Development for DoubleVerify. “This partnership will allow Criteo to verify their inventory and ensure their campaigns are safe, efficient, and carried out to their full potential.”

The partnership between Criteo and DoubleVerify is currently live in the United States. A similar arrangement in Asia, Europe and the rest of the Americas is scheduled to roll out country by country over the next six months.

About Criteo

Criteo is the global leader in performance display advertising. We make online display advertising perform like search for over 2,000 of the world’s largest ecommerce companies. Display performs like search when it is paid on performance, scalable and personalized for each individual customer. Our full-service advertising solution enables ecommerce companies to drive increased awareness, consideration and sales, while only paying for results. Our unique ability to value each impression in real-time allows our advertisers to target the right user at the right time with the right message, all delivered at a guaranteed cost per click.

About DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify is the worldwide leader in online media verification and decisioning, a World Economic Forum 2012 Technology Pioneer. The company is verifying over 60 billion advertising impressions per month for hundreds of marketers and sell-side platforms, and its technology ensures quality advertising environments, campaign transparency and accountability. DoubleVerify is headquartered in New York City, with sales offices in London and engineering offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. Investors in DoubleVerify include JMI EquityInstitutional Venture PartnersBlumberg CapitalFirst Round Capital and Genacast Ventures.

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