LiveRail Integrates DoubleVerify for Greater Control of Video Ad Environments

Leading Verification Technology Now Available Alongside Real-time Video Ad Platform

SAN FRANCISCO – LiveRail, the first real-time video ad technology platform for publishers, networks and agencies, announced that DoubleVerify’s ad verification technology is now available to the over 200 publishers, networks and agencies that use LiveRail’s video infrastructure technology, ensuring zero wasted impressions for LiveRail customers.

DoubleVerify’s pre-decision ad targeting technology, when activated by client request, will now provide networks and agencies using LiveRail with brand safety targeting data, ensuring brand ads only appear in the highest-quality, most suitable environments. As DoubleVerify’s targeting data is available in real-time, prior to the ad serving decision, the integration ensures better user experiences by avoiding the forced closing of video players — a common occurrence with other post-decision blocking technologies. Pre-decision targeting also eliminates any possibility that the verification technology would be compromised from changes to users’ browser settings.

By actively using DoubleVerify’s technology, advertisers, agencies and networks running on LiveRail can avoid negative ad placements, ensuring they get value out of every impression served and no impressions are wasted. In addition, LiveRail customers will have access to DoubleVerify’s reporting and analytics, providing a clear picture not only of ad placements and safety, but ad performance analytics.

The integration comes as part of LiveRail’s Video Brand Safety Alliance, a coalition of leading context verification, content analysis and privacy vendors to provide a unique, multi-dimensional view of online video. DoubleVerify and the other technology integrations supplement LiveRail’s existing URL whitelisting and syndication management capabilities, ensuring that video ads do not appear in environments that buyers deem unsafe and alleviating advertiser pain points in the still nascent world of video advertising.

“LiveRail is dedicated to delivering the tools for complete brand safety and transparency in online video,” said Mark Trefgarne, LiveRail CEO. “Video is still new and unfamiliar to many publishers, networks and agencies, and technologies like DoubleVerify are crucial for helping everyone gain a clear understanding of the ecosystem and the value each impression adds to their campaign.”

“As more advertisers move into the video space, they want increased assurance their ads are appearing in safe environments that drive maximum return,” said C. Eoin Townsend, DoubleVerify SVP Partnerships & Business Development. “Verification is becoming the industry standard, and we’re pleased to be a part of LiveRail’s mission to develop new standards for video brand safety.”

About LiveRail

The online video ad ecosystem runs on LiveRail. With over 3 billion monthly impressions (25% of all video ads) delivered via our platform each month, LiveRail is the technology behind many of the most sophisticated video advertising and media companies online. We help connect the video ecosystem, enabling publishers, ad networks, and agencies to transact more effectively and efficiently. Founded in 2007, LiveRail’s senior team is led by its founders, Mark Trefgarne (CEO) and Andrei Dunca (CTO). LiveRail Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in New York City and Romania. LiveRail is backed by Pond Ventures.

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