mediaFORGE Adds Two Industry Thought Leaders to Expert Advisory Board

Neal Richter, PhD, The Rubicon Project, and Qayed Shareef Join Renowned Team Providing Strategic Guidance to mediaFORGE

SALT LAKE CITY – mediaFORGE, the leader in dynamic display media innovation, is proud to announce the addition of two industry thought leaders to its advisory board, Neal Richter, PhD, and Qayed Shareef.

Neal Richter, PhD, Chief Scientist for The Rubicon Project, brings 15 years of experience as a software engineer and scientist. His in-depth expertise in machine learning, search engines, and computational advertising strongly position him to provide technological counsel as mediaFORGE continues to innovate display media products. Neal came to Rubicon via the acquisition of OthersOnline, an audience analytics startup. He also spent eight years creating self-learning artificial-intelligence based functionality for RightNow Technologies’ eService CRM suite. Neal has a doctorate in computer science from Montana State University.

Qayed Shareef brings to mediaFORGE more than 11 years of marketing, sales, and operations experience in digital advertising. Most recently, Qayed was Executive Vice President of Business Development at Epic Media Group, heading corporate development and strategic initiatives. Prior to Epic, Qayed served as General Manager for the Traffic Marketplace Ad Network (TMP), where he gained valuable expertise in campaign management, yield management, and publisher/business development for display, mobile, and video media. As a specialist in this area, Qayed will provide mediaFORGE with strategic insight into industry trends, and innovation and growth opportunities. He has a history of successfully serving in marketing and management consulting roles for other early-stage companies ( and Virtual Iris), contributing to growth and success in their early stages.

“We feel extremely fortunate to have Neal and Qayed join our board of industry advisors,” says mediaFORGE CEO, Tony Zito. “Their combined knowledge of the online advertising industry will be a complement to the existing board expertise. We look forward to working with Neal, Qayed, and our other board members to drive mediaFORGE into its next stages of growth.”

The continued interest in mediaFORGE from industry leaders is validation of the company’s commitment to innovation and its leadership in display media.

About mediaFORGE

mediaFORGE is a dynamic display media company that creates personalized interactive ads proven to engage prospects and increase revenue. Its product suite includes solutions for prospecting, retargeting, loyalty nurturing, and reengaging lapsed-users. With its pioneering shared-revenue pricing model, mediaFORGE clients are only charged for ad engagement attributed to incremental revenue – never for impressions or view-throughs. With mediaFORGE, online marketers get a genuine strategic partnership with intelligent ads, a low-risk business model, transparent data reports, and best-in-class client service, making it the most compelling path to optimal return on ad spend. For more information,

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