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mediaFORGE Takes Action on Engagement


The First Engagement-Based Dynamic Display Company Substantiates Value of Consumer Ad Engagement

SALT LAKE CITY – mediaFORGE, the only engagement-based display company, announced that its highly successful post-engagement attribution model substantiates research released this week by comScore and Pretarget showing that non-click metrics, such as engagement, interaction, or hovering, are more highly-correlated with conversion than clickthrough rate (CTR).

mediaFORGE emerged in the dynamic display business in 2009, basing its performance-oriented business model around the value of engagement. It is the first and only company to build an optimization/attribution engine for this metricWhile other companies are starting to talk about using engagement to measure campaigns, mediaFORGE is already using post-engagement attribution as its core performance indicator, charging clients exclusively for conversions attributed to consumer engagement. This makes mediaFORGE the only company in the industry that never charges for CTR, view-through or impressions.

As the innovator of consumer engagement, mediaFORGE has experienced impressively fast growth over the last two-and-a-half years, thanks to its proven ability to drive tremendous results for its clients.

“We were confident about our business right from the start,” says mediaFORGE CEO, Tony Zito. “We knew what we were doing was extremely innovative and had the potential to shake up the industry. Our instinct was validated as soon as we saw how excited our clients were about the results.”

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk in the industry about the value of measuring viewability. For mediaFORGE, this is nothing new, and is a short-sighted view of the potential of consumer engagement. By basing its business around consumer engagement, mediaFORGE technology is not only measuring engagement, it’s also optimizing campaigns to reach a much broader audience than just clickers.

Aggregate data from mediaFORGE’s campaign performance in Q1 shows that consumers are 28 times more likely to interact with an ad than they are to click. When you factor in the corresponding conversion rates, 1.5 percent for engagers and 3 percent for clickers, you find that engagers are 14 times more valuable to clients than clickers. These figures are exactly the reason mediaFORGE optimizes to drive consumer interactions that lead to purchases, rather than CTR.

Added to the clear benefit of reaching a larger, more meaningful audience, basing its business around engagement allows mediaFORGE to address one of its clients’ major pain points, attribution. Campaigns based on view-through attribution leave a lot of questions about whether claimed revenue resulted from ads that were actually seen. There are many reasons why ads might not be viewable – loading errors, below-the-fold inventory, etc. – leaving advertisers wondering how many of the impressions really had a chance to impress the claimed converters.

mediaFORGE is uniquely positioned for engagement because of its advanced ad platform. Its technology empowers ads with high-level functionality that mimic an e-commerce platform, enhanced with real-time personalization and third-party integrations (recommendations, reviews, etc). Combined, these features give consumers a meaningful brand experience outside of the website in a format exclusively designed for them. Importantly, they get this without committing to clicking away from the site they’re currently browsing. mediaFORGE ads bring your brand to consumers, rather than waiting for consumers to click through to you.

Recently, some companies have unveiled technology that shows where ads load on a page and only charge for impressions served in viewable inventory. This is certainly a step in the right direction, but it’s still an inferior alternative to paying for conversions attributed to interaction with the ads. This is evidenced by the comScore/Pretarget data, which showed that ad hover/interaction had a higher correlation with conversion (49 percent) than viewable impressions (35 percent).

“We’re thrilled that ad engagement is getting buzz as the industry is now recognizing the measurement issues that mediaFORGE has dedicated itself to solving for its clients,” says Zito. “We are very proud of the success we’ve had in delivering unparalleled return on ad spend for our clients by being innovators in engagement-based display media.”

About mediaFORGE

mediaFORGE is the only engagement-based display company. Its innovative ad technology provides proof that ads influence consumer behavior and generate greater Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). In its dedication to be a strategic partner and an advocate for client success, mediaFORGE optimizes campaigns for the metric that is the most significant driver of purchase – consumer engagement. Its product suite includes solutions for prospecting, retargeting, loyalty nurturing, and reengaging lapsed-users. For more information, visit mediaFORGE.com.

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