Jumptap and PlaceIQ Bring Hyper-Local Mobile Targeting to Leading Retailer

Mobile and Hyper-Local Leaders Go Beyond Geo-Fencing to Deliver Enhanced Mobile Audience Targeting

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, announced the continued success and integration of its partnership with hyper-local leader PlaceIQ. The two companies worked together on a number of innovative mobile advertising campaigns in Q1 of 2012.

In February 2012, Jumptap and PlaceIQ worked with ad agency Hill Holliday to target audiences for a leading retail client. The goal of the campaign was to drive in-store traffic and sales to specific retail locations in a number of major markets. The audience focus was on women between the ages of 35-54, home décor, DIY, women’s lifestyle content, and more. Rather than just ‘geo-fencing’ store locations, the client looked to Jumptap and PlaceIQ to target audiences that fit their demographic profile and over-indexed for likelihood to visit their stores. If the campaign had been deployed through geo-fencing alone, it would have significantly reduced the campaign reach. However, using Place IQ’s contextual approach, the campaign was able to deliver hyper-local targeting at scale, in addition to consumer intent.

Throughout the campaign, Jumptap and PlaceIQ optimized the retailer’s hyper-local placements, which resulted in continuously improving performance in each targeted segment. In New York and Chicago, for example, virtual grids of 100 meter x 100 meter tiles were established via Place IQ’s proprietary location technology. PlaceIQ focused on grids closest to entertainment venues to determine devices that over-indexed for a likelihood to enjoy dining out, movie and theater-going. Such audiences received an over-weighting of impressions in the campaign. Overall, the retailer saw a 41.21% CTR lift in New York and 51.47% CTR lift in Chicago over non-hyper-local targeting.

“PlaceIQ and Jumptap offered an exceptional data driven targeting ability that understood physical locations with a level of context that was only possible through mobile advertising,” said Johnny Won, Manager of Mobile & Gaming Platforms, Hill Holliday. “While networks and agencies love to geo-fence, we loved having an entirely new capability to think about the location data layer with PlaceIQ.”

“Advertisers have seen significant campaign lift by overlaying third-party data from Jumptap’s unique offline partnerships,” said Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer at Jumptap. “Our exclusive relationship with PlaceIQ goes beyond standard geo-fencing to offer hyper-local audience targeting to connect brands and advertisers with a larger group of a specific audience type.”

PlaceIQ transforms ‘location into context’ by ingesting large amounts of unstructured, unrelated, anonymous, location-based data types such as photos, place, event, digital, social and more. After cleansing and normalizing vast amounts of data, PlaceIQ then extracts patterns, trends, intelligence and context. The resulting hyper-local ‘location profiles’ (down to a city block) suggest the likely context and behavior of an anonymous user or device. When coupled with time and location, these anonymous profiles can provide powerful targeting opportunities. The Jumptap-PlaceIQ offering makes it easier for advertisers to reach precise grids that are most likely to have a high concentration of people at work, luxury shoppers, tourists, students, travelers, and more.

About Jumptap

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