WebMetro Showcases Direct Marketing Success with Facebook Advertising

SAN DIMAS, Calif. – WebMetro, a top search marketing agency, shows real-world examples of how expertise in search marketing can catapult Facebook advertising into a major contributor of online sales.

In the session “Facebook Ads: Can They Promote More Than Just Likes?” at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference, WebMetro demonstrated how proven best practices and optimization of search marketing has been a catalyst to Facebook ROI.

Using core direct marketing strategies paired with the agency’s search marketing proficiency, a sample of results WebMetro has delivered its Facebook advertisers include:

  • Cost-per-lead at 46% lower than the search channel with 45% more volume
  • Cost-per-click 16% percent lower than Google and double-digit conversion rates that outreach search marketing conversion rates
  • Return on advertising spend that surpasses the return from Google Display Network by 18%
  • 177% revenue increase from Facebook within two months of campaign launch

“Facebook can really work at scale for direct response advertisers. It will not replace search marketing but it has proven to be a real driving force for online sales,” commented Michael Behrens, WebMetro Senior Vice President.

Behrens, a search marketing veteran and former naysayer of using Facebook advertising for direct response, shared some of the Facebook tactics the marketing agency has used for several WebMetro clients. He emphasized the importance of audience reach through segmentation, cost-per-click optimization through the power of creative, and the continuous testing of ad creatives and landing pages.

The AllFacebook Marketing Conference was held June 28-29, 2012, in San Francisco, California. The conference provided top digital media and marketing experts with revenue-generating solutions using Facebook marketing.

About WebMetro

Competitive brands seek WebMetro to create and implement successful online direct marketing strategies for increasing market share, lowering acquisition costs, and penetrating new markets. Founded in 1995, WebMetro has a longstanding reputation for helping its clients consistently outperform the competition. The online marketing agency provides search marketing, user engagement, and online media services. For more information, call 866.922.4632 or visit www.webmetro.com.

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