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CPX Interactive Launches Affiliate Network


Digital advertising company leverages direct response expertise to deliver affiliate marketing results for advertisers with Affiture

NEW YORK – Continuing its previously announced divisional breakout and following up on the launch of its newly minted mobile division, CPX Interactive today announced its private affiliate network, Affiture (www.Affiture.com).

CPX Interactive has worked at the forefront of direct response online marketing for more than 10 years, helping define the world of scalable CPA-based sales. As part of this industry-leading business model, CPX has driven sign-ups, leads and sales for thousands of advertisers. As a new division of CPX, Affiture was created to leverage the company’s resources, relationships and expertise in delivering a new level of performance in the affiliate marketing space across every platform.

Affiture’s key differentiator is an extensive list of direct advertiser relationships leveraged from CPX’s core display advertising business.

“The vast majority of affiliate networks simply pull their offers from other affiliate networks resulting in a landscape of thoroughly picked over campaigns,” said Jeff Reitzen, general manager of Affiture and one of CPX Interactive’s first hires when the company was founded in 2000. “Because we already work directly with advertisers, Affiture offers unique value propositions for marketers that understand the power of an integrated affiliate strategy.”

“As we began building out branded divisions for the different services we provide to advertisers and publishers, the decision to create an affiliate network was an easy one,” said Mike Seiman, CEO of CPX Interactive. “Our core competencies have always revolved around delivering successful ROI-focused campaigns. The main difference with the new addition of the affiliate network is that we can now offer email, search and other tactics from the affiliate marketing world to our advertisers.”

After 90 days in a beta release, Affiture already delivers more than 125,000 leads to advertisers ranging from high-profile brand affiliate programs to niche direct marketers. For more information, visit http://www.affiture.com/.

About CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive is a digital advertising company consistently serving more than two billion daily ad impressions. Its global distribution engine includes both a private marketplace of more than 4,000 quality publisher sites and an on-demand network with access to virtually every major aggregator of digital media. CPX campaigns are churned through a continuous cycle of planning, execution, optimization, reporting and analysis – each leveraging the company’s unparalleled scalability. CPX has proven success with more than 300 major brands worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.cpxinteractive.com.

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