Jumptap and Evidon Partner to Enhance Mobile Consumer Privacy

Partnership with Provider of Leading Privacy Control Technology Brings ‘AdChoices’ Icon for Mobile Ads

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Jumptap, the leader in targeted mobile advertising, today announced a partnership with Evidon, the world leader in empowering consumers and businesses to see, understand and control data online. The partnership is designed to support consumer notice and choice through the creation and implementation of the ‘AdChoices’ Icon in mobile web and app advertisements.

While the icon is common in online advertising, Jumptap and Evidon have now created the first mobile AdChoices Icon privacy solution to be deployed through Evidon. Through the partnership, Jumptap’s mobile ads will notify consumers when they are targeted with behavioral data. Once clicked, these icons direct consumers to Jumptap’s Privacy Overview page where they can view more information about targeted mobile ads and have the ability to update their privacy settings.

Jumptap subscribes to the principle of ‘Privacy by Design’ with technology-enabled ‘Notice’ and ‘Choice’ built in. Alerting users to targeting and occasions of data collection, while offering transparent, clear, and simple opportunities to opt-out, is the right methodology for the industry. Evidon reinforces Jumptap’s efforts to comply with the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) AdChoices Program by providing access to the industry’s most widely used ad-notice platform – serving over 50 billion notices a month. Evidon was the first company designated by the DAA as an ‘Approved Provider’ of compliance services for the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (Principles), and the first provisionally-approved provider for the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s (EDAA) comparable program.

“It all comes down to doing the right thing. The components of ‘Notice’ and ‘Choice’ allow us to bring innovative ad targeting features to market in a transparent way that leverage mobile and third party behavioral data at scale,” said Paran Johar, Chief Marketing Officer, Jumptap. “Jumptap provides choice via our opt-out capabilities. Our partnership with Evidon will ensure that notice is provided wherever we reach the consumer, on the mobile web and in apps, and that our privacy experience will continue to be best in class as capabilities evolve.”

“Jumptap has long been a leader in mobile consumer privacy, so our partnership was a natural next step,” said Scott Meyer, CEO, Evidon. “Brands, agencies and consumers are demanding tools that bring transparency and accountability to how data is used in mobile marketing, and we’re thrilled to join with Jumptap to deliver the first version of this solution at scale.”

About Jumptap

Jumptap is the leader in targeted mobile advertising. Reaching 107 million mobile users in the U.S. and 156 million mobile users worldwide, Jumptap uses its extensive technology portfolio, as well as industry-first partnerships with third- party data providers, to understand mobile audiences better than any other ad network and provide intelligent targeting with scale. Through its large network of premium publishers and apps, and constant campaign optimization, Jumptap delivers the best ROI for advertisers and highest yield for publishers and developers. Jumptap has pioneered mobile advertising privacy standards and is committed to unlocking mobile opportunities for all parties through its ongoing industry research, such as its Understanding Mobile Audience series and monthly MobileSTAT report. Visit http://www.jumptap.com and http://www.jumptap.com/blog for more information; join our Facebook community, follow us on Twitter at @Jumptap and check out our latest ads at the Jumptap Ad Gallery.

About Evidon

Evidon empowers consumers and businesses to see, understand and control data online. With insights fueled by its Ghostery browser extension, automated scanner and rich, 800+ company privacy database, Evidon enables businesses to assess the cookies and other tracking activity on their websites, helping them to protect their audience data and improve performance. As the first and largest dedicated provider of privacy and compliance solutions for digital media, Evidon also enables leading brands, agencies, publishers, advertising networks and others to comply easily with privacy laws and self-regulatory programs across North America and Europe. Evidon serves over a billion ‘AdChoices’ notices daily on behalf of these businesses—in the U.S. and in local languages across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas —giving consumers transparency into and control over how their information is used online. By protecting themselves and empowering consumers, businesses build their brands and improve results. For more information, please visit: www.evidon.com

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