ChoiceStream Announces its First Audience Cost Calendar

Audience Impressions Traded on Digital Ad Exchanges Provide Insight to Online Marketers

BOSTON – ChoiceStream, a leading innovator in targeted advertising solutions, announced the first installment of its monthly Audience Cost Calendar. Powered by the CRUNCH Audience Cost Index, The Audience Cost Calendar is a monthly aggregation of impressions traded on digital ad exchanges. ChoiceStream created this calendar as a means to provide marketers with a snapshot of how online audience segment costs are trending based on seasonality.

Each month ChoiceStream will look at the previous month’s data and highlight the top audience segments relevant at this time of year. The October Audience Cost Calendar is calculated using September data. The numbers represented in the Audience Cost Calendar represent the relative media costs of reaching people in a specific audience. A relative cost indexing above 100, represents a segment trading at an above average cost, while those below 100 are selling for less than the average cost.

“Marketers want to better understand which audiences to target, but should also consider cost into the equation,” said Bill Guild, Vice President, Product Management and Marketing. “By considering seasonal trends and costs, marketers can understand where they may derive the most value, while still reaching their key audiences.”

The October Audience Cost Calendar looks back at the audience segments related to back to school in September, focuses on Halloween related segments for October, and looks forward to food and beverage segments in honor of Thanksgiving, for November.

September – Back to School related segments

Audience Segment Relative cost Change from August
Learning Disabilities 127.36 +14%
Parents & Kids 125.11 +17%
Elementary & Middle School 122.11 -1%
College & Admissions 116.51 +6%
Education 112.40 +5%

October – Halloween related segments

Audience Segment Relative cost Change from August
Parents & Kids 125.11 +17%
Elementary & Middle School 122.11 -1%
Family 116.85 +5%
Parents of Pre-Teens 100.84 -4%
Moms 101.13 -3%

November – Food & Beverage related segments

Audience Segment Relative cost Change from August
Recipes 120.31 -1%
Restaurants, Food & Drinks 113.29 +5%
Coupon Shoppers 112.93 +9%
Cooking 103.68 -4%
Food & Beverage 101.25 -2%

To view the infographic and the most active risers and fallers for the month of October, take a look at ChoiceStream’s Audience Cost Calendar infographic here.

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