Tylted Launches GameDrop Mobile Social Games Delivery Network and Ad Platform

High Performing Ads and Deeply Engaging Games Give Developers and Native App Publishers A New Path to Monetize Mobile Web Traffic

NEW YORK – Tylted, one of the mobile web’s largest communities for social and casual gaming, announced today GameDrop Network™, a mobile advertising platform that makes it easy for native app publishers and games developers to monetize mobile web traffic without having to rely on apps, ad banners, downloads or high content acquisition costs.

Tylted’s GameDrop distributes popular, easy-to-play HTML5 games in native applications via a publisher’s ad server, supporting all operating systems and mobile devices. The patent-pending technology enables any native app to become a distribution and monetization channel for mobile games while the user experience remains completely within the publisher’s application. GameDrop also presents game developers with an alternative revenue stream for content distribution, through partnership opportunities.

In October, Tylted tested the GameDrop network with Pandora by running an ad campaign promoting Cubugs, a Tetris-style matching game. The campaign ran on both the Pandora iOS and Android platforms and resulted in registering over 800,000 unique players and over 10,000,000 minutes of playtime.

“It’s painful to see all the ad inventory that goes to waste on mobile. Tylted’s GameDrop puts this unused inventory to work by applying a distribution model that has worked brilliantly for monetizing casual games and that’s powered by our advanced HTML5 technology platform,” said Lon Otremba, CEO, Tylted.

Designed as a new model in mobile advertising distribution, GameDrop shifts away from the industry’s two narrow paths of reach and monetization: One: App stores, where publishers fight and pay in the hopes of getting a download amongst the 250,000+ game offerings. Two: Mobile web content offerings, where achieving scale has been a conundrum.

Tylted is aggressively expanding GameDrop in 2012 with a focus on partnerships with publishers, game developers and advertisers. For developers interested in opportunities to publish their mobile games on Tylted’s GameDrop platform, contact Partner Relations, [email protected].

About Tylted

Tylted, a leading games developer and publisher, hosts one of the largest and fastest growing social games communities on the mobile web, attracting over 10 million unique visitors monthly for its easy-to-play social games, board games, brain games and casino-themed games. An emerging leader in mobile advertising at scale, Tylted serves over three billion ad impressions monthly. The Company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in the heart of Manhattan’s Silicon Alley.