AdSafe Media Rebrands as Integral Ad Science

Unveils Industry’s First Ever True Advertising Quality (TRAQ) Score, Empowering Advertisers and Publishers to Target Higher Quality Media Environments, Greatly Improving Results and Eliminating Significant Waste

NEW YORK, NY – AdSafe Media, a recognized leader in proactive brand safety and viewability products for online advertisers, announced that it has rebranded as Integral Ad Science. Integral is redefining the way advertisers and publishers buy and sell media both directly and in the rapidly growing programmatic (RTB) arenas. The same way it invented ad safety and predictive viewability solutions, the company is redefining and simplifying the way advertisers and publishers value media with a new comprehensive solution that focuses on the quality of the environment and exposure for ads. The launch of TRAQ (True Advertising Quality) Score, a metric based on a culmination of comprehensive environment and exposure data points, underscores Integral Ad Science’s broader approach to providing the industry with more intelligent ways to plan, execute and evaluate their digital marketing campaigns and achieve their ROI goals.

Over the last year, AdSafe has expanded well beyond its flagship brand safety products. “Clients and partners would ask us if we were going to change our name,” said CEO Scott Knoll. “A valid question because most of our clients are using us for so much more than brand safety. Today we lead not only the brand safety front, but we are also outpacing the market on solutions for viewability, ad collision, contextual classifications, suspicious activity prevention and more. It’s become apparent that while AdSafe was a great product name for us when we only had verification, our product portfolio is now much broader than that.”

Integral Ad Science is a media valuation platform that leverages both the company’s existing data, as well as new metrics. These include ad clutter and density, professionalism of the page content/layout and percentage of time a specific ad is in view relative to the other ads on a page (share of view), to better understand the relative value of each impression for a brand. This allows for a much more comprehensive look at media quality than ever before, and it is critical to both direct response and brand advertisers alike. Additionally, Integral Ad Science is launching one comprehensive metric to encapsulate the value of ad placements for all media buyers and sellers: TRAQ Score.

TRAQ Score is an overall quality rating leveraging proprietary data science to determine the specific value of each individual ad placement based on the page environment and exposure attributes. For publishers, this score provides key insights to help them improve transparency, optimize their sites, improve CPM yield, and gain recognition (via higher CPMs) for their commitment to quality advertising environments. For advertisers, this holistic measure of media quality supports their ability to plan, execute and measure campaigns more effectively and, ultimately, increase ROI by ensuring high quality advertising placements while eliminating fraud and waste. This valuation of environments and exposures at the impression level also enables advertisers to better understand the efficacy of their campaigns and optimize for performance.

“Quality of media is of the utmost importance to us, and AdSafe has been instrumental in providing the pre-bid engagement metrics we need to help us determine the safety, relevance, and overall quality of ad placements online,” said Jeff Holecko, North American media manager for Kimberly Clark. “We pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of innovation in digital media and programmatic buying through our trading desk, managed by a team at Mindshare. In the past, we have partnered with AdSafe on other early and ‘first to market’ innovations. We look forward to gaining a more holistic understanding of media quality and its impact on effectiveness and efficiency with the new products they’re introducing to the marketplace.”

“As we strive to remain innovative in our brand campaigns and digital strategy, quality and safety are key,” said Jennifer Gardner, director of media investment and partnerships at Unilever. “Our partnership with AdSafe Media has increased our rigor in the digital space and has also improved the quality of our programmatic buying. AdSafe ensures our brands are safe and our ads are in view. The new quality metrics and solutions coming from the company will give us an even clearer picture of ad placement value across RTB and our online campaigns.”

With the release of the TRAQ Score, Integral Ad Science has also developed a new ROI Report, critical information that helps advertisers understand which publishers have a genuine causal effect on conversion and fulfillment. This is the industry’s first step towards a true measure of attribution — leaving the currently flawed last view and last click measurements behind.

As part of the rebrand, the company has also launched its new website at and introduced a new logo. Integral Ad Science’s headquarters remain in New York City, with operations in San Francisco, London, Sydney and Tokyo

About Integral Ad Science:
Integral Ad Science is a media valuation platform. Focused on adding value to every player in the industry (buyers, sellers, publishers and trading platforms), Integral Ad Science is the only platform that evaluates the media environment and establishes a TRAQ Score (True Advertising Quality). This holistic measure of media quality supports advertisers’ ability to plan, execute and target their audience in an environment that associates their brand with quality and drives ROI. Integral is headquartered in New York with operations in San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Sydney.