DMG’s Launches Traffiliate for Mobile with Enhanced Targeting and Post Click Optimization

New version analyses hundreds of mobile variables in real time to automatically generate media plans that optimize ROI

Leading ad network DMG (DSNR Media Group) has launched an enhanced version of its Traffiliate for Mobile ad management platform for mobile advertising that uses machine learning to identify the best performing (conversions) media and automatically deliver enhanced media plans.

In effect, this analyses parameters such as the devices ads are served to, the mobile network, the users location and flags which users are clicking and converting the most.

The changes in the new Traffiliate for Mobile platform reflect a growing need by advertisers to automate routine tasks like analysis of media performance and increasingly sophisticated approach to mobile advertising that brings it closer in line with the way the discipline has evolved on the desktop.

The latest version of Traffiliate for Mobile includes new targeting capabilities, landing page optimization and automatic media plan generation. Using patent pending technology, Traffiliate for Mobile automatically analyses and optimizes hundreds of mobile variables to generate the best media plan, with precise targeting that will meet CPA goals for mobile advertisers.

Traffiliate for Mobile monitors a wide range of parameters, including: Carriers, OS, Device Make and Model, Publishers, Geo, Browser, and connection type to find the combination that delivers the highest conversion rate, enabling advertisers to focus on best-performing channels for more precise and cost effective media buying. It aggregates and manages multiple mobile parameters to unified reporting allowing a full comparison between DMG’s network publishers, to find the best match to its advertisers. In addition to increasing ROI by finding the best and most qualified click for the advertiser, Traffiliate for Mobile eliminates costly and inefficient labor-intensive tasks.

As part of providing full service to digital advertisers, DMG also offers advanced tracking and unified reporting across multiple platforms, HTML5 creative for the most engaging mobile ads, and consulting services for boosting mobile campaign performance.

“With the increasing demand for effective mobile advertising, there is an urgent need for new methods for mobile ad measurement, analysis and optimization, “said Hilla Dagan, Director of Mobile Division at DMG. “We are committed to enabling advertisers to take advantage of this growing mobile opportunity by continuously creating new technologies and services to successfully track, engage and convert mobile users.”

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