KissMyAds’ Network sees Publishers prosper

  • KissMyAds Network sees active Publishers climb by 133% in 2012

  • The number of profitable Publishers increases 468%
  • December’s growth signifies a fruitful 2013

Cologne – The Cologne-based Mobile Performance Marketing Network KissMyAds released today complete figures regarding its Publisher Network after what has been a very successful year for the startup.

The total number of active Publishers in the KissMyAds Network saw an increase of 133% over the course of 2012. Even if one is partial to the old adage of quality over quantity, KissMyAds is satisfying all perspectives.  The total number of profitable Publishers has seen an increase of 468% for 2012. Asking Florian Lehwald, the Founder and CEO of KissMyAds, what this means for his company, he states that “as the number and success of our Publishers grow, the quality of our Advertisers synchronously increases and thus, the entire Network prospers”. As an international network that connects Advertisers, Agencies and App Developers with Publishers, these most recent statistics from KissMyAds emphasize their reputation within the mobile performance marketing industry. Lehwald says he is “overwhelmed on a daily basis with the positive feedback given to us from our Publishers”.

As 2012 was a remarkable year for the KissMyAds Network, the company saw strong growth of the above indicators in the final months of 2012.  In the month between November and December 2012, the volume of active Publishers grew by 8.92% whilst the number of them who were profitable grew by 30%. Lehwald confirms that “such growth in this short space of time provides encouraging signs for what will be an extremely exciting 2013 for not only KissMyAds’ Publishers, but even more so for our Advertisers, App Developers and Agency partners”.

About KissMyAds

Founded in 2011, KissMyAds is a Mobile Performance Marketing Network offering customized technical solutions to start and fine-tune all high performance campaigns on the mobile web. Based on state-of-the-art web technology, KissMyAds offers Advertisers, Publishers and App developers an easy, risk-free platform to monetize their mobile web traffic.