Aggregate Knowledge Releases Industry’s First Global Media Intelligence Report

Delivers key insights into best and worst channels to increase media spend efficiency

SAN MATEO, CA – Aggregate Knowledge (AK), a media intelligence company that brings an exact science to the art of media buying, today released the industry’s first Global Media Intelligence Report. Leveraging the analytics engine behind AK’s Media Intelligence Platform, the report identifies the most strategic online media buying insights for Fortune 500 brands, advertisers, and agencies, enabling them to turn “big data” into actionable insights. The Global Media Intelligence Report analyzed more than 35 billion impressions across the last quarter to uncover key insights into customer engagement and reach such as why marketers should advertise on one channel over another. With this data, Fortune 500 brands can increase the efficiency of their multi-million dollar media budgets, resulting in increased reach and more sales. The report focuses on four key indices – cost, reach efficiency, user quality, and funnel attribution – across the four most prevalent channels in the digital marketing world – exchanges, networks, portals and social. Key highlights for 2012 Q4 include:

– Exchanges and social deliver clicks and conversions at the lowest cost of any channel.

– Social performs more than 2.5 times better than the indexed average in reach efficiency and its ability to reach exclusive users at the lowest cost.

– Networks and exchanges perform 35 to 69 percent below the indexed average in reaching high-quality users that can consistently be marketed to.

– When looking at which channels are seen most in the upper part of the attribution funnel, social and portal influence is the most undervalued.

“We are seeing the emergence of ‘Math Men meet Mad Men’ (and women)” where media intelligence derived from big data and analytics is meeting marketers’ needs to drive reach and increase sales,” said David Jakubowski, AK chief executive officer. “Over $100 million in media was bought in Q4 based on AK’s insights into channel performance which enabled marketers to buy their media more efficiently.” Download the full report here.  Connect with AK on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

About Aggregate Knowledge

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