OpenX Launches Revenue Intelligence to Provide Publishers with Groundbreaking Approach to Revenue Management by Blending Content Optimization and Ad Monetization

JumpTime Co-Founder Anke Audenaert to lead new team focused on expanding OpenX digital monetization platform to maximize publisher revenue

LOS ANGELES – OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology, launched Revenue Intelligence, a new service that will provide digital media companies with a groundbreaking, holistic approach to revenue management, combining content optimization and ad monetization for the first time in the industry. Specifically, Revenue Intelligence provides publishers with analysis and advisory services that values both digital content and advertising monetization in a uniquely comprehensive way in order to maximize revenue. Early users of Revenue Intelligence, including major newspaper chains and national magazines, have experienced revenue lifts of 30% to 90%. As part of the launch, OpenX also announced a new Revenue Intelligence team to be headed by Anke Audenaert, co-founder of JumpTime, an innovative content optimization company OpenX acquired in October 2012 and, previously, vice president, Global Market Research and, vice president, Network Optimization, Yahoo!. The announcement was made at OpenX’s first annual customer retreat in Napa Valley, Calif.

“Revenue Intelligence represents the next step in the evolution of the OpenX digital monetization platform”

“Revenue Intelligence represents the next step in the evolution of the OpenX digital monetization platform,” said Tim Cadogan, chief executive officer, OpenX. “Initially, OpenX developed a comprehensive ad platform, combining ad serving, an ad exchange, and yield optimization. The platform was subsequently extended across all digitally connected screens. And now, with Revenue Intelligence, OpenX is able to leverage the power of its ad monetization data with the data from its content optimization products to maximize publisher revenue in a way that has never been done before.”

Revenue Intelligence solves a major problem that has long plagued digital publishers. Historically, content programming and advertising sales have developed separately with content creators focused on increasing audience size and ad sales teams focused on increasing the revenue paid for individual advertising spaces. This bifurcated approach has resulted in publishers missing out on significant revenue. To truly maximize the value of their digital assets, publishers need to take a comprehensive approach to revenue management that blends the editorial element of content programming with how that specific content is monetized and the future value generated by that content.

To that end, Revenue Intelligence provides publishers with a precise understanding of the interaction between their content, their audience and their ad space. Through the JumpTime acquisition, OpenX gained patented technology including specialized algorithms that measure the total value a page generates based on a net present value calculation of all engagement on a website by analyzing traffic and ad revenue in real-time. By improving content valuation beyond simply counting page views or clicks, and by increasing their understanding of their traffic flow and audiences, publishers using Revenue Intelligence are able to achieve significantly greater revenue by guiding audiences to the most valuable content throughout their websites. Importantly, Revenue Intelligence combines OpenX’s massive ad monetization and content optimization Big Data pools to provide a potent approach to revenue maximization. In addition, Revenue Intelligence analysis will be enhanced by insights provided by OpenX Revenue Intelligence experts. When the full force of this information is unleashed, Revenue Intelligence leads to significant revenue increases of 30% to 90%.

“We’re excited to launch Revenue Intelligence to help publishers truly understand the value of their content while simultaneously being able to evaluate the efficacy of their ad monetization solutions,” said Anke Audenaert, vice president, Revenue Intelligence, OpenX. “For years, publishers have relied on proxy metrics to analyze the value of their content assets leading to significant revenue loss. Revenue Intelligence gives them critically important information about how their audiences interact with content and, more importantly, how this drives value allowing them to optimize for revenue rather than just clicks. I’m looking forward to further developing our Revenue Intelligence technology and to building out our analytic services team to rapidly drive this initiative for the benefit of major publishers around the world.”

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