InsightExpress Research Supports Tablets as Promising Advertising Channel for Digital Campaigns

STAMFORD, Conn. – InsightExpress, a leading marketing research and data analytics firm, released research that indicates great promise for tablets as a powerful advertising channel. The InsightExpress analysis found that campaigns running on tablet devices are extremely effective at delivering their message and motivating purchase, and either match or outperform established mobile channel norms.

“InsightExpress launched Tablet AdInsights™ in 2011 as the first research solution to measure campaign performance across tablet devices. Since then we have been compiling tablet normative averages to benchmark the brand communications effectiveness of this quickly growing medium”

The findings detailed below were drawn from InsightExpress’ Tablet InsightNorms™, a normative database containing results across 43 campaigns comprised of 83 ad executions that show the branding effectiveness of advertising placed on tablet devices.

Thanks in great part to InsightExpress’ involvement in a 14-month long research study conducted by VivaKi’s The Pool, an ongoing initiative to uncover advertising solutions of the future that revealed best practices and key findings for ads placed on tablet devices, InsightExpress is able to offer one of the most robust portraits of tablet advertising effectiveness in the industry.

This Tablet InsightNorms analysis, which incorporated the 74 individual custom ad executions from The Pool’s tablet lane, explored advertising performance across key brand metrics (unaided awareness, aided awareness, advertising awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent). The following key findings were revealed:

1. Significant increases in all brand metrics indicate that tablet campaigns are extremely effective, especially when it comes to advertising awareness.
2. To date, tablet campaigns either match or outperform the established mobile channel advertising effectiveness norms. This pattern was also seen with early mobile campaigns outperforming online.

Tablet Campaigns Drive Strong Brand Metric Performance

As shown in Chart 1, significant increases across all brand metrics indicate that tablet campaigns are highly effective. The striking increase in advertising awareness (41 percentage points) suggests that these ads are both noticeable and memorable to viewers. The ability of tablet campaigns to drive lower funnel metrics such as message association, brand favorability and purchase intent signifies that these ads are also quite persuasive. However, it is not surprising to see strong results like these for a new advertising channel.

Tablet vs. Mobile Performance

InsightExpress is able to benchmark these tablet norms against the Mobile InsightNorms database, which contains over five years of aggregated mobile campaign effectiveness results. As shown in Chart 2, to date tablet campaigns either match or outperform the established mobile channel norms. Tablets’ strong advertising awareness performance illustrates that they are currently far more successful at getting noticed than mobile ads. Aside from the “novelty factor,” larger displays and enhanced browsing experience likely enable viewers to better notice and absorb tablet creative executions.

The favorability and intent data also show that tablets are also slightly more effective than mobile phones at guiding consumers down the purchase funnel. As the tablet market matures and becomes more saturated, these strong deltas are likely to stabilize on par with our mobile normative data.

While tablet campaigns are excelling in many areas, others remain on par with mobile. The tablet campaign brand awareness results do not outperform mobile campaigns yet. Thanks to a larger screen, tablet ad creative to date can offer more flexibility than just a logo but additional information in the form of images or text may compete with the brand’s logo for the consumer’s attention.

“InsightExpress launched Tablet AdInsights™ in 2011 as the first research solution to measure campaign performance across tablet devices. Since then we have been compiling tablet normative averages to benchmark the brand communications effectiveness of this quickly growing medium,” said Drew Lipner, Co-Chief Executive Officer at InsightExpress. “As we have learned through our collaboration with VivaKi, tablets are helping to accelerate share shift across screens and have had a transformative impact on digital advertising.”

“We have a wealth of tablet data and research available at our fingertips that clearly shows the power of the device when it comes to reaching and engaging with consumers,” said Tracey Scheppach, VivaKi EVP, innovations director and founder of The Pool. “As an industry, we need to work towards harnessing the magic of the tablet and move the industry forward.”

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