New Kantar Solution Optimizes Campaigns Based On Impact

New Kantar Solution Gives Advertisers the Power to Go Beyond Reach and Optimize Campaigns Based on Impact

Compete, Dynamic Logic, DoubleVerify integrate audience, ad viewability, brand and behavioral data into a single measurement and optimization solution

Boston, MA – Leading digital insights and Kantar Group companies Dynamic Logic and Compete have teamed up with DoubleVerify, the pioneer in online media verification and viewability, to launch Advance™ − an integrated solution that provides marketers the insights needed to optimize digital media campaigns based on brand, behavioral and sales impact.

Advance is the only solution in the industry to combine exposure metrics (audience composition, reach and viewability) with effectiveness measures (brand, behavior and sales outcomes) into a unified reporting and optimization system.

The Advance platform addresses the measurement struggles advertisers, agencies and publishers face in aligning key data and increasing marketing ROI. Advance provides end users with more control over the data needed to make critical media selection, placement and creative decisions. Rather than being limited to basic measures of audience reached, media planners can now incorporate brand, behavioral and sales impact data as inputs into their optimization decisions. This new capability brings increased transparency to media planning and performance, enabling well-informed changes in real time and ultimately brand and sales lifts – the key drivers of marketing ROI.

“While digital media is thought to be more measurable than traditional media, there have been blind spots preventing advertisers from really understanding their digital media ROI,” said Yaakov Kimelfeld, Chief Research Officer of Compete. “Advance removes these blinds spots with a holistic tool that enables optimization focused not just on reach and impressions, but squarely on advertiser impact.”

Advance reports on the four critical aspects of a campaign in a single interface: Audience Target Reached, Ad Viewability, Brand Impact and Behavioral Impact. The platform includes a real-time analytics dashboard to provide planners with the ability to adjust campaigns “in-flight” and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of digital spend. In addition, a cost-analysis calculator enables planners to input media costs and compare Effective CPM, Effective CPP (cost–per–point), Viewable CPM rates and Cost-Per-Impact.

“Until now, optimization solutions have focused primarily on campaign delivery; but GRPs or TRPs alone are not sufficient,” said Michelle Eule, SVP of Digital Solutions at Dynamic Logic. “Advertisers and planners now have a more complete formula for evaluating the success of their campaigns using unique metrics such as Impacted Audience and Cost-Per-Impact to optimize how they reach their target audiences.”

“We’re excited to partner with Compete and Dynamic Logic to help solve the performance measurement gaps that exist in online marketing today,” said Wayne Gatinella, CEO, DoubleVerify. “Together we can build a better industry that enables brand advertisers and their agencies to achieve optimal media performance and insights.”

Additional benefits of the Advance solution include:

• Customizable demographic and behavioral audience definitions to pinpoint reach within the audience segments that advertisers value the most

• Verification and viewability technology that is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), adheres to 3Ms standards and is used by more than two hundred Fortune 500 brands

• Streamlined tagging solution that leverages existing workflow and is already merged into most media buying platforms

• Normative insights for brand and behavioral measures; brand impact metrics are benchmarked against norms from thousands of other campaigns and correlate with changes in brand equity

• Customizable reporting and deliverables that extend client insights into cross-media, cross-device and cross-channel applications

“By bringing delivery, attitudinal and behavioral data together, Advance allows us to understand how optimizing against one metric is impacting the others in real time, which is critical not just for managing complex digital campaigns but for elevating the level of insights we provide for our clients,” said Hilary Kolman, Director, Analytics & Insight at MEC.

“In our client work we always focus on delivering a holistic view of metrics and KPIs so as to optimize and truly drive performance,” says Tommy Wiles, Associate Director, Strategy & Analysis, Digitas. “Advance’s dashboard has made the process of creating a full picture view easier by putting all of our reporting data in a single, easy-to-use interface.”

Live Webinar

The companies will introduce Advance and share insights in a webinar entitled “A New Formula for Optimization: Optimize Digital Ad Campaigns Based on Impact” on June 6th at 2 p.m. EDT. Please register for free at:

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