140 Proof Social Ads for Continuity Allows Brands to Extend the Reach of Online Media Buys

New solution enables marketers to reach the social audiences of publications already in their media mix with highly-targeted social ads.

Social ads are a powerful way to amplify online media buys and reach consumers in the places where they’re most engaged.

San Francisco, CA – Social technology company 140 Proof launched a new social ad solution that allows marketers to incorporate a social component in their existing online media buys. “140 Proof Social Ads for Continuity” allows brands to reach the committed readership of publications who are already part of their media plans, as well as audiences who have similar interests.

Advertisers spend considerable effort to target audiences who visit the “required reading” sites for their interests — such as Ad Age or MediaPost for ad tech audiences — but these audiences can miss an advertiser’s homepage takeover, or that native ad in the main newsfeed, if they click through via social, in order to read an article that was shared with them.

140 Proof Social Ads for Continuity adds the missing social component to a complete media plan. This social ad solution amplifies a good media plan across all media channels, and ensures that brands capture more of the audiences they’re looking for. With 140 Proof’s Blended Interest Graph targeting, brands can target ads to a publications’ fans and followers, as well as audiences with similar interests. 140 Proof ad units include native social ads, rich media units, mobile banners, and standard IAB ad units; giving marketers a number of powerful creative options.

140 Proof can zero in on particular audience segments within a publication’s social follower base, such as “eco-moms” or “auto enthusiasts,” to further enhance ad performance. For example, an automotive brand could work with 140 Proof to target “auto enthusiasts who follow the New York Times and associated properties,” through targeted social ads.

Brand marketers can use 140 Proof Social Ads for Continuity to:

  • Easily extend planned campaigns to social: campaigns no longer need to be custom-built for social. When a brand builds a media plan focusing on one medium, Continuity helps plug the plan into the social web exactly where it should.
  • Capture the most engaged members of target audiences: a Continuity strategy ensures that the most attentive and talkative audiences are included in a brand’s campaign.
  • Increase the effective reach of digital and TV buys: without making any targeting changes, brands can plug the hidden impression leaks of time-shifted TV commercials and skipped-homepage digital takeovers.140 Proof has worked with brands such as Sony, AMC TV and Infiniti to reach social users of sites such as The Atlantic, The New York Times and Engadget.

“140 Proof social ads are a powerful way to amplify online media buys and reach consumers in the places where they’re most engaged,” said Michael Cascio, VP of Business Development and Strategy at 140 Proof. “With the Blended Interest Graph, we’re in a unique position to reach a publication’s audience and similar users in social, where the most attentive members of that audience are actually active.”

About 140 Proof
140 Proof is the leading social advertising service, providing brand advertisers an effective way to reach millions of consumers primed to discover and share. The company delivers relevant, native, sharable ads across millions of social sites and apps connected via the Blended Interest Graph. 140 Proof’s Blended Interest Graph targeting matches ads to audiences based on public social cues, such as who a user follows and keywords that a user sees. The solution is optimized for social and includes native social, IAB standard, and rich-media ad units. 140 Proof is headquartered in San Francisco and has additional field offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Detroit. More at http://www.140proof.com