Aggregate Knowledge Q2 Media Intelligence Report: Highest Conversion Rates Come from Mac Users

SAN MATEO, CA – Aggregate Knowledge (AK), a media intelligence company that brings an exact science to the art of media buying, released its Q2 Global Media Intelligence Report, delivering key insights for advertisers and agencies to make data-driven decisions on media spend. Leveraging the AK Media Intelligence Platform that combines media and audience data, the latest report identifies trends and insights for Fortune 500 CMOs to extend reach, increase sales and drive efficiency across media budgets.

“There was a huge increase in online ad conversions this quarter,” said David Jakubowski, AK chief executive officer. “Brands are leveraging all online channels for campaigns to raise brand awareness and acquire new customers. The future of advertising really lies in data-driven decisions. Analytics from Aggregate Knowledge informed more than $230M in media buys in Q2 which is a company record.”

Key Channel insights:

• Exchanges cost efficiency erodes and networks make the biggest jump, delivering a cost below the indexed industry average for the first time.

• Social and portals deliver the highest reach efficiency, performing 34 to 61 percent better than the indexed average.

• Socials’ ability to deliver high quality users not seen on other channels continues with above average performance for the third quarter in a row.

Key Operating system (OS) and web browser insights:

• Mac OS users deliver 8.6% more conversions than Windows OS users. Windows operating systems make up 78.5% of all online events seen.

• Web browsers Internet Explorer and Safari encompass more unique and converting users than online events.

• Mobile browser and OS usage make up almost 8% of online events but deliver only 7.3% of converting users while desktop browsers and OS’ deliver more converting users than online events.


The report analyzed more than 34 billion ad impressions in Q2 to uncover insights into customer engagement and reach, such as why marketers should advertise on one digital channel over another. With this data, brands can increase the efficiency of their multi-million dollar media budgets, resulting in better reach and more sales.

AK looks at cost, reach efficiency, user quality and funnel attribution indices across the four most prevalent channels in the digital marketing world – exchanges, networks, portals and social. This quarters report also dives into overall online events, unique users, and converting users across today’s operating systems and web browsers.

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