Sun Media Productions Selects blurbIQ For Interactive Video Advertising

Unique Ad Formats Bring Native Advertising to Video Production

Las Vegas – blurbIQ Inc., whose patent-pending technology allows advertisers and publishers to overlay rich interactive experiences on video, announced today that Sun Media Productions (SMP), a full-service creative and video production agency and a division of Las Vegas-based Greenspun Media Group, has selected its Interactive Video Platform to produce interactive video advertising experiences.

“Our partnership is the first of its kind with SMP shooting video productions with interactive advertising opportunities specific to the blurbIQ Interactive Video Platform. Brands now have the ability to use a single technology provider to seamlessly integrate video ad production with interactive in-stream advertising,” says Scott Reese, CEO of blurbIQ Inc. “Our technology helps brands entertain and engage their consumers, and maybe more importantly, gives them actionable data from every viewer interaction to help optimize completion rates, brand recall, message retention and brand lift.”

“blurbIQ is successfully defining new ad formats and monetization models in the online and mobile interactive video ad spaces,” says Chris DeFranco, Executive Producer of SMP Vegas. “The performance metrics are amazing with up to 97% video completion rates, interaction rates 60x higher than standard video, and a click through rate of up to 5.86%. Together we can deliver quality interactive video overlay experiences that get viewers deeply engaged with brands. It is amazing technology and it offers the advertiser an unbelievable range of creative freedom. It is a game changer for sure.”

blurbIQ has pioneered the use of “gamification” of video advertising with formats that invite viewers to “play” video ads for scores, and even reward points, for their brand knowledge. The blurbIQ iPaQ interactive units can be executed, as interactive pre-roll, interstitial, or in-banner units, across devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) and across channels (apps, websites, social media, interactive television). blurbIQ’s clients utilize the company’s intuitive drag-and-drop tools, or work with blurbIQ’s creative team, to create and customize interactive overlays on their video assets. All customers can measure the performance of overlay units with quick-time analytics dashboards that track viewer interactions for every live campaign.

Among the unique blurbIQ iPaQ units SMP will produce and deploy:

iqVideo          drives viewers to understand and retain the video messaging through relevant brand and survey questions sequenced with the video stream.

iqAdventure allows viewers to choose their own video adventure experience by selecting the sequence of video assets to view with or without a storyline.

iqBuildIt          an interactive overlay of product questions invites the viewer to respond as the video streams. At the end of the video the viewer is presented with a view of the product with the features they have selected.

iqChoice        the viewer is given video choice to select which ad they want to watch which is most relevant to them.

iqeCommerce integrates e-commerce opportunities in the video ad unit so viewers can make a purchase without having to exit to a new webpage.

iqSkipAd         allows viewers to skip a pre-roll ad by responding to survey questions or by typing in the brand messaging the advertiser wants the viewer to receive.

iqSearch        allows viewers to search product information using a brand’s site search functionality, or a major search engine, integrated into the ad unit.

Sun Media Productions is a full-service creative and video production agency based in Las Vegas that seamlessly conceives, creates and delivers powerful messages for any media platform. As specialists in video production, SMP excels in television commercials; web and video production; animation and graphics; sound design; content and design for print; and mobile app development.

Greenspun Media Group has over 60 years of proven dedication to the Las Vegas Valley. Beginning with the Las Vegas Sun, the company has grown to more than 30 publications and a total distribution exceeding 27 million magazines and newspapers. The diversity of local and national brands allow for strategic penetration of unique market segments while together providing total market coverage. GMG also includes Niche Media Holdings, the country’s preeminent regional magazine group.

blurbIQ ( ) is the leader in interactive experiences on video across the digital marketing spectrum. The patent-pending technology overlays video with interactive brand messaging sequenced to a brand’s video assets and uses gamification to get viewers involved. blurbIQ turns video commercials into interactive “games” that dramatically increase viewer engagements, video completion rates, brand recall and message retention. blurbIQ’s interactive units work seamlessly with pre-roll, in banner, mobile, tablet, and social media ad units. The company’s platform provides quick-time analytics so brands can measure every viewer interaction with their interactive video content like never before. Since launching in July of 2010, blurbIQ has executed cross platform campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world such as AT&T, Campbell’s Soup, Jamba Juice, E*Trade, Duracell, Church & Dwight,General Motors, Focus Features, and Universal Pictures.