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Jumptap MobileSTAT Reports iPhone, iPod Touch Top Devices for Hispanics

Jumptap MobileSTAT Reports iPhone, iPod Touch Top Devices for Hispanics

Report Summarizes Mobile Insights About Hispanics

BOSTON – In its newly released July MobileSTATJumptap, Inc., the leading unified audience platform, reports on top mobile trends for Hispanics, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing ethnic minority, and the ways in which they differ from the average mobile user.

“Hispanics are quickly emerging as mobile power users and a prime demographic for mobile ad targeting”

According to data from the Jumptap network of over 218 million U.S. consumers, the iPhone is the top device for Hispanic men. For Hispanic women, however, the iPod Touch scores highest, consistent with other data we’ve seen that show women favor this device. Yet, while iPhones are popular among Hispanics, they are much less likely to own one than the average American mobile consumer. Hispanic men are 40 percent less likely to own an iPhone, and Hispanic women are 43 percent less likely. Additionally, both genders over-index for use of many Android and Blackberry devices, particularly the LG motion.

“Hispanics are quickly emerging as mobile power users and a prime demographic for mobile ad targeting,” said Matt Duffy, VP of Marketing at Jumptap. “As the July MobileSTAT reveals, the Hispanic demographic tends to show slightly different mobile behaviors than the average user. Advertisers interested in reaching this group must take into consideration their differences in content channel consumption and prominent days of usage, among other things.”

July MobileSTAT Findings:

  • iPads Popular for Hispanics, but Rare: Jumptap data show that while the iPad is the most popular tablet among Hispanic consumers, they’re much less likely than the average mobile consumer to own the device. This follows the same pattern of their below-average ownership of iPhones. Hispanic males are 32 percent less likely and Hispanic females are 24 percent less likely to own an iPad when compared to non-Hispanic mobile consumers. Hispanic Americans over-index as owners of Android tablets such as the Kindle, Galaxy Tab and Toshiba Thrive.
  • Hispanic Mobile Usage Spikes on Wednesdays: The average mobile consumer spends roughly the same amount of time on mobile every day of the week (14 percent to 15 percent of their total weekly media time) without any dramatic spikes in usage. According to data on the Jumptap network, Hispanic consumers exhibit a very different pattern, with mobile usage spiking on Wednesdays and dipping slightly on Fridays. This pattern is especially pronounced among Hispanic females.
  • Hispanics Over-Index for Social Media, Texting & Latino Channels: While the Jumptap Entertainment News content channel carries the most traffic from Hispanics, the demographic is more likely to over-index for usage of the Social Media, Texting & Utilities and Latino content channels. Advertisers looking to reach this group should adjust their campaign strategies to serve across these top channels.

MobileSTAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends) is a monthly glance into targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising. Jumptap’s unique, data-driven approach allows us to cultivate the insights highlighted in the report. MobileSTAT contains analysis of dozens of terabytes of log data, powered by the scalable, efficient Jumptap technology. Jumptap strives to make advertising across screens smart and simple, and MobileSTAT was designed to benefit the entire mobile ecosystem.

Reporting Methodology

The Jumptap MobileSTAT reports mine large quantities of network data to identify targeting and audience trends. Jumptap uses proprietary algorithms to analyze and normalize the data. In some cases, when sufficient conditions are met, subsets of data may have been used as proxies to represent the overall network.

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