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Adform and ADmantX Partner to Deliver Advanced Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting Within Adform’s DSP

Adform and ADmantX Partner to Deliver Advanced Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting Within Adform’s DSP

ADmantX is the first semantic contextual data provider integrated in Adform’s Demand Side Platform: Adform’s customers will be able to better increase online ad campaigns segmentation and brand safety by leveraging ADmantX unprecedented level of page content analysis.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, announced today that ADmantX superior semantic features are now live on Adform, Europe’s leading advertising technology platform. Through the integration, Adform’s customers will automatic access the ADmantX rich set of semantic data to improve their campaign success, safety and efficiency.

Semantic targeting is increasingly on the rise. Marketers and advertisers are looking for better ways to succeed via programmatic buying; ADmantX semantic technology improves the current method of keywords contextual targeting that have been ineffective, demonstrating to be vain in understanding the real meaning of the words. To select the most appropriate ad to be displayed, ADmantX analyzes the overall context and identifies the correct meaning of page content, including detection of all the elements for advanced Brand Safety, advanced categorization and, unique in the market, mood and emotions that can be evoked in readers.

Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO at Adform “The need for brand safety functionality and contextual data is becoming more and more important for marketers as online advertising is moving into the programmatic era. We are happy to offer brand safety and contextual targeting across our full stack platform through our partnership with Admantx. It will help us not just to maintain but also grow our position as the preferred and leading adtech platform in Europe.”

“We are honored to be the first contextual semantic data provider within Adform’s platform,” said Giovanni Strocchi, ADmantX CEO. “With this partnership with Adform more and more Agencies and Brands all over Europe will get the benefit of ADmnatX services with their unmatched precision of context analysis and unique languages coverage. Our technology was specifically built to more intelligently match content to advertisements with the right safety for brands and can be successfully combined with other third-party data to increase campaign segmentation and targeting. In creating maximum efficiency in the display ad world, semantic content understanding is the next, key and very valuable step.”

Join Adform and ADmantX for a live demo at dmexcoCologne, September 18-19 2013 to learn how our companies work together to empower your business.


Adform is the European brand led media platform, closing the loop for agencies, advertisers and publishers by integrating media planning, buying, optimisation and reporting into one place.

Adform’s unique platform incorporates display ad serving, rich media, video, mobile, dynamic ads, personalised targeting and real-time bidding through integrations with major inventory players, making display advertising simple, relevant and rewarding.

Adform was established in Denmark in 2002 and now has offices in 12 countries including Nordics, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Lithuania.



ADmantX is a contextual analysis and data provider that brings audience targeting to a new level. We offer a semantic solution to allow publishers, ad networks and exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online ad campaigns leveraging semantic page level understanding ( for Brand safety, Contextual Targeting), natural language processing ( for Sentiment analysis, Semantic Profiling). Founded in Italy as a spin-off of the leading semantic company Expert System, ADmantX is active in Europe and US. Worldwide customers include NBCUniversal, AT&T AdWorks, Integral Ad Science, Banzai, Adconion, Media IQ and we’re integrated in key Ad Exchanges such as AppNexus and Turn. www.admantx.com