YuMe’s Household Targeting Solution Now Offers In-Stream, Interactive Video Ad Delivery Across All Screens Throughout the UK

LONDON – YuMe, Inc. (NYSE: YUME), a leading provider of digital video brand advertising solutions, launches its comprehensive multi-screen Household Targeting (HHT) solution in the UK, helping brand advertisers reach all members of the home via highly-engaging video ads. This new technology delivers in-stream, interactive video ads at scale across all connected screens in a household (PC, smartphone, tablet, connected TV).

“Car buying is typically a family decision and with YuMe’s HHT solution, we not only reach the decision maker but the family influencers as well”

Through HHT, YuMe can now bring engaging brand experiences to multiple members of one home, helping advertisers create brand synergy across screens and among household members. This new offering provides interactive video ad delivery on whatever connected device audiences are viewing. The technology will also allow YuMe to customise video creative and format it for any device ensuring cross-screen compatibility and added interactivity.

“Media viewing in the household is increasingly fragmented across screens, multi-device targeting increases the probability of getting your brand message in front of the right audience,” said Owen Hanks, Europe’s General Manager at YuMe. “With this precise solution for the household, brand marketers can now reach people who live together and have influence on a purchase decision. YuMe’s unique household delivery offering is executed with in-stream interactive video ads across all screens.”

YuMe’s HHT solution was first launched in the US, and Hyundai, in conjunction with Innocean and Initiative, were amongst the first brand advertisers to utilise the product for an upcoming luxury campaign, focusing on the Genesis model. “Car buying is typically a family decision and with YuMe’s HHT solution, we not only reach the decision maker but the family influencers as well,” said David Matathia, Director of Marketing Communications for Hyundai. “With Hyundai’s creative and YuMe’s technology, we can deliver a brand experience to all members of the household. This is beyond valuable as we aim to appeal to an affluent audience for Hyundai’s luxury model line, using a multi-device targeting approach to best deliver against our audience.”

As an added value to customers, YuMe’s HHT also provides retargeting to reach members of the household even when they leave their home. Once YuMe identifies household devices, the technology can continue to deliver focused advertising messages to each viewer’s device in locations outside of the home such as the office, café, hotel, airport and anywhere there is a Wi-Fi or network connection.

Kristin Brewe, Director of Marketing & Communications for the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) comments, “surrounded by smartphones, laptops, tablets and TV screens, today’s consumer would seem easier to reach, but in fact, reaching these on-the-go, always-on consumers represents a daunting challenge for brands. It can be particularly difficult to ensure message consistency across screens. As devices become more interconnected, there will be growing demand for household targeting solutions such as YuMe’s that help advertisers reach people wherever they are on whichever screen is central to them at that moment.”

About YuMe

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