Monetate Launches LiveAudience, Broadens Customer Segmentation Capabilities with the Integration of Over 20,000 Customer Segments

New Monetate product puts BlueKai into action for smarter, data-driven experiences – beginning with the first interaction with every customer.

PHILADELPHIA – Monetate launched LiveAudience, a new segmentation product that extends the power of Monetate’s customer targeting capabilities with the addition of over 20,000 customer segments. Powered by the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace and Data Management Platform, LiveAudience unleashes the true potential of personalization by allowing brands to deliver even more relevant experiences to visitors based on browsing and purchase behaviors across the web.

Monetate is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) company to provide its clients with access to customer segments from the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace. With LiveAudience, marketers can integrate customer and visitor profile and audience segment data from BlueKai with Monetate’s user and real-time target attributes, such as referral and inbound marketing channel, location, weather, device and in-session behavioral data.

“In a traditional retail experience, customers walk into a store and the sales associate can start a conversation to learn things about each customer to help steer them to the merchandise that aligns with their preferences and meets their needs. That experience has been lost in the ecommerce space,” said Colton Perry, vice president of partnerships at Monetate. “Now, with LiveAudience, companies can better understand the needs, preferences and interests of both new and returning visitors, and understand the customer’s situation, such as current weather conditions in their area or what device they are using. LiveAudience brings the context of brick-and-mortar to the online world.”

With LiveAudience, marketers can impact how customers interact with their brands, such as:

• A mass merchant retailer can dynamically change its homepage – and any other part of its website – to promote home theater systems to customers who have previously shopped for or purchased televisions.
• An automobile manufacturer can promote a more expensive model to customers who have looked at a competitor’s premium car lineup.
• An airline can show popular vacation packages to customers who have recently browsed all-inclusive getaways, based on specific departure or destination cities.

“By integrating BlueKai, Monetate expands the actionable data intelligence it delivers to marketers so they can create customized site experiences and recommendations with even more precision, ” said Pieter De Temmerman, SVP of Exchange and Global Business at BlueKai. “Monetate combined with BlueKai will inform a more relevant experience for a brand’s best prospects.”

LiveAudience is available as an add-on to Monetate LiveTarget, a personalization product that lets marketers create a perpetual, high-resolution snapshot of every customer based big data insights including location, referring channel, and historical and in-the-moment behaviors.

Delivered on a SaaS platform, Monetate’s suite of personalization and customer experience optimization technologies makes it easy to personalize, merchandise and test every aspect of the digital customer journey. Marketers can easily act on historic and real-time big data to turn ordinary customer visits into personalized experiences optimized for every customer, on any device.