Rubicon Project Reports Initial Success of Private Exchange for Mobile Ads

New Enhancements Powered by Advertising Automation Cloud Streamline Buying, Selling and Execution of Premium Mobile Ads

NEW YORK Rubicon Project, which operates the advertising industry’s largest, fastest independent real-time trading platform for buying and selling digital advertising, today announced the early success of its private exchange for premium mobile ads via Connect, the company’s direct order automation feature. Connect enables sellers to easily package premium mobile inventory for buyers — including ad networks, demand side platforms (DSPs) and agency trading desks — and negotiate and execute deals automatically via a DealID integration.

“We are excited to integrate with Rubicon Project’s Advertising Automation Cloud,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and Founder at AdTheorent, a 2nd generation RTB-enabled mobile ad network. “Combining our industry-leading predictive modeling technology with Rubicon Project’s private exchange capabilities allows us to take advantage of the most premium placements publishers and application developers have to offer to the RTB environment. As more ‘Tier 1’ advertisers buy media using RTB, the demand for premium mobile inventory will increase. We believe that DealID will allow AdTheorent to be more creative with advertisers, leveraging RTB to execute campaigns that were previously possible only in traditional buying methods.”

Rubicon Project’s Advertising Automation Cloud was enhanced in July 2013, to offer mobile sellers and buyers the ability to execute premium inventory deals. The enhanced capabilities for mobile advertisements give buyers the ability to find premium mobile packages by device and operating system, representing a significant innovation for the advertising industry.

“We have been working with Rubicon Project’s Buyer Cloud applications for premium display inventory and have always found it to offer great reach and returns,” said Jason Pope, VP, AOD Mobile at Vivaki. “We look forward to achieving the same kinds of results through our DSP Adelphic and Rubicon Project’s new private mobile exchange features, as reaching premium publisher and application inventory at scale is an important part of our customers’ campaign strategies.”

Rubicon Project’s Seller Cloud applications, part of the Advertising Automation Cloud platform, empower mobile publishers and applications to showcase their premium inventory like never before, resulting in more revenue. On average, automated direct orders earn CPMs two to four times higher than deals made via open RTB buying.

The Advertising Automation Cloud brings over 100,000 global advertising brands and 500 of the world’s premium publishers and applications together in a unified open auction.

About Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project pioneered advertising automation and is now doing for advertising what companies like NASDAQ did for stock trading. The company’s automated advertising platform is used by more than 500 of the world’s premium publishers and applications to transact with over 100,000 advertising brands globally. A company driven by innovation, Rubicon Project has engineered the Advertising Automation Cloud, one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems, processing trillions of transactions within milliseconds each month. According to comScore Oct 2013, Rubicon Project reaches more than 95 percent of U.S. Internet users per month and is ranked #1 in reach. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Rubicon Project has seven offices across the globe including New York, San Francisco, Hamburg, Sydney and London.