Adtile Multi-Screen Mobile Ad Solution Entices Consumers With Captivating User Experience

Adtile Spearheads Engagement Opportunities for Publishers That Rival Display on Desktops

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today marks the launch of Adtile, a turnkey mobile advertising solution for publishers to design, serve and measure beautiful, relevant mobile display ads that do not disrupt the user experience or infringe on content. Adtile, working with Fortune 500 brands, is the first solution that enables publishers to offer quality mobile placements that rival the engagement potential of desktop display ads, supporting mobile’s tactile appeal to consumers who regularly tap, scroll, and swipe content on their devices.

The mobile ad space is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising disciplines. According to the IAB, mobile ad revenues reached more than $3 billion in 2013, making up 15 percent of overall online advertising revenues. As more and more publishers launch mobile sites, the challenge becomes offering advertisers the same quality of placement they enjoy on the desktop. In-app banners are usually too small to be engaging; rich media ads are often cost prohibitive and regardless of the format, many mobile ads are intrusive and irrelevant.

Adtile’s patent-pending Responsive Rendering Technology (RRT) automatically supports native design elements, allowing publishers to deliver a compelling ad experience that aligns with their site or app’s look and feel, and renders perfectly across devices and browsers. That continuity, combined with the relevance of native ad targeting, ensures that ads engage users without interruption, providing practical utility while respecting the purpose and preferences of their personal mobile experience.

“Mobile is not a one-size-fits-all advertising medium; it is a very content sensitive space. Most apps and sites have their own requirements for ads with regard to design and functionality,” said Nils Forsblom, Founder and CEO of Adtile. “As such, mobile advertising can’t be an afterthought for advertisers or publishers; it must be thoughtfully planned out and executed with a solution like Adtile that automatically addresses the issues of compliance and design continuity to ensure a seamless, yet engaging, ad experience for the user.”

Great advertising appeals to consumers’ emotions to engage them on behalf of a brand. Adtile works with publishers to embrace the best parts of mobile for the consumer. To learn more, please visit:

About Adtile:
Adtile is the mobile-first advertising solution pioneered for the publishing industry. We are on a quest to revolutionize mobile advertising by creating an entirely new advertising medium that embraces the mobile user’s quest for entertainment and discovery. Adtile delivers beautiful ads that adapt seamlessly to mobile screens of any size, and offer utility and function, while respecting the user’s virtual space. Publishers benefit from elegant ads that capture user attention and build the bottom line but never compete with content. Adtile offers advertisers a canvas on which they can tell their brand stories and engage with consumers. Users are free to enjoy the content they love and interact with relevant, readable and engaging ads.

Headquartered in California while building a global network, Adtile exists to challenge assumptions about how ads work and redesign advertising for a world on the move. Learn more at