WhoToo Releases B2B Audience Targeting Solution on the BlueKai Platform

Incorporation of D&B Data Enables New Targeting Opportunities for B2B Marketers

SEATTLE, WA – WhoToo, Inc. a data-as-a-service (DaaS) and digital marketing platform provider today announced the release of the D&B Online Targeting Solution for display advertising.  The new offering incorporates Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB) data and is currently available on the BlueKai Data Audience Marketplace and Platform.

WhoToo’s DaaS for display advertising segments, optimizes and enables disparate data sets for use in digital channels. By incorporating D&B data and leveraging its on-demand data marketing platform, WhoToo’s proprietary approaches achieve higher audience reach and ensure quality and integrity of data.  For data owners seeking to best serve the online marketer, WhoToo offers a turnkey, cost-effective solution for bridging the offline/online gap.

The BlueKai Data Audience Marketplace and Platform is the world’s largest public marketplace for 3rd party business-to-consumer targeting data and provides an easy and powerful tool for advertisers to access discreet data sets for prospecting. With the addition of D&B data, business-to-business (B2B) marketers now have access to information needed to produce targeting segments never before available in the digital display market.

“The D&B data set is recognized as the leading source of business information available anywhere,” said Matt Rowlen, CEO of WhoToo. “This kind of quality and depth of data coupled with our optimization capabilities hasn’t existed for B2B online marketers before now and they are hungry for quality targeting data that will deliver results.”

Featured within BlueKai’s Data Audience Marketplace branded data category, the solution provides rich company and business professional audience targets including spending profile, industry sector, small business, franchise, employee size, revenue size, company growth, seniority and business decision makers.

“As B2B marketers continue to grow budgets in the digital world, they are looking for data-driven programs that offer the same audience segmentation and scale they have come to expect in the offline channel,” says Pieter De Temmerman, SVP of the Audience Data Marketplace and Global Business.  “BlueKai’s collaboration with WhoToo and D&B will unleash the power of D&B’s trusted business data asset to drive impactful prospecting and targeting for business marketers in the digital world.”

More than 300 targetable D&B audience segments are now available in the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace and Data Management Platform.  For more information, please email [email protected].

About WhoToo

WhoToo, Inc. is a Seattle based data as a service (DaaS) and marketing platform provider.  WhoToo’s mission is to enable “data on demand” for mobile and email marketing industries.  WhoToo’s proprietary approach enables greater audience reach and allows marketers to avoid current privacy pitfalls in these channels by keeping all data anonymous.  To learn more about WhoToo’s on-demand data management and marketing platform, visit www.whotoo.com.

About BlueKai

BlueKai is the world’s first and only complete enterprise data activation solution for intelligent marketing.  BlueKai offers its customers a system for managing and activating all their 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data in all marketing and customer engagements.  BlueKai represents the only end-to-end SaaS solution for marketers and publishers looking to maximize their cross-channel marketing efforts and create a proprietary solution for unlocking reach, scale and efficiency using data.  BlueKai currently works with thousands of companies and is currently trusted by almost half the Fortune 30 brands to activate their data.