Programmatic and Mobile Video to Take Europe by Storm in 2014 outlines 7 key trends for media trading landscape in the coming year.
London — Programmatic media trading has gained significant ground in 2013 as it continues to be better understood and more widely used., the technology partner selected by many of the world’s largest video advertising buyers and sellers, has the following predictions for the video advertising market in Europe in 2014:
  1. Programmatic trading will continue to be adopted by advertisers who have seen the benefits having trialled it in 2013 and want to expand their campaigns.
  2. There is likely to be an increase in the demand for unified media platforms, where buyers and sellers can meet in an open and seamless way, making the trading process easy and efficient.
  3. Ever more media will be consumed on mobile devices, after large increases in 2013, with mobile viewing potentially overtaking digital in certain demographics.  Recent research by mobile commerce platform Weve found that 46% of 18-34 year olds now see mobile as their first and most important screen.
  4. Targeting will shift dramatically as the ability to use cookies is reduced and other methods try to take its place. This is a result of the increase of mobile ads, which do not use cookies, along with privacy concerns driving activities such as cookie blocking.
  5. More premium inventory will become available in the market as programmatic trading becomes more widely accepted and advertisers demand sellers make their best inventory available via programmatic channels. Broadcasters are likely to take the first steps in this area.
  6. Agencies cite audience reach as the top reason for working with specific video publishers*. As media buyers become more experienced in programmatic trading, they will view online video and TV budgets more holistically as a way to scale back up audiences viewing content across TV, digital and mobile screens.
  7. YouTube’s dominance will be challenged by the launch of Facebook video ads, which will open the video market to an even wider audience. Both will, of course, face a new challenger for the number one spot: AOL**.
 “2013 has been a significant year for programmatic, which will continue to increase its foothold in 2014,” says Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director of Europe.  “Clearly there are challenges to overcome, but the media landscape will continue to be transformed by automated trading as the ease and efficiency it offers continue to be both proved and improved.”
* AdMonsters and 2013 European Digital Video Outlook

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