Havas EHS Selects Provenir Platform to Extend Its Real-Time Customer Engagement Offerings

BOSTON – Provenir announced that it has entered into a new technology agreement with leading marketing agency, Havas EHS, to provide Provenir’s real-time customer engagement platform as the base for new Havas EHS client solutions. The new agreement will enable all Havas EHS business units to craft and orchestrate new digital interaction and social engagement offerings for its clients. The cloud-based platform will give Havas EHS’ clients the ability to proactively listen in real-time for “moments of truth” from consumers and immediately convert them into interactive brand experiences.

“The Provenir Platform connects data held in campaign management systems, content management systems, CRM systems, and social media to orchestrate omni-channel customer listening. Serving as the realtime”

“After seeing incredible results from Provenir in multiple pilot projects, we have selected the Provenir Platform to underpin the FULCRM, our real-time engagement offerings,” said Tash Whitmey, CEO of Havas EHS. “Provenir is a key partner that we see as being able to enable data inspired ideas on which FULCRM is built. It uses contextual data in real-time to build far deeper pictures of each customer and allows us to deliver immediate, intimate actions that are genuinely engaging.”

Havas EHS’ successful pilot projects with Provenir have included converting a client’s traditional card-based loyalty program into one that is digital, mobile, social and connected in real-time. The new solution delivers orchestrated loyalty journeys across live POS interactions, the mobile app, the website and social comments on Twitter. The brand is now listening to the entire Twitter pipe for comments from its loyalty program members, and when detected, immediately and automatically awards additional loyalty points. Additionally, members can earn points and redeem them in real-time while benefitting from real-time location-based offers and messages.

On the merits of the Provenir Platform, Gerry Brown, Senior Analyst, Consumer IT and Integrated Media at OVUM states in his July 2013 report “On the Radar: The Provenir Platform”, “The Provenir Platform connects data held in campaign management systems, content management systems, CRM systems, and social media to orchestrate omni-channel customer listening. Serving as the realtime “glue” between existing systems, the Platform combines content from many different databases and systems to enable enterprises to perform customer listening before active engagement. The platform maps data sources “on the fly” and can build a realtime view of end-to-end customer journeys.”

“This new agreement is a great testament to both the promise of Provenir’s technology and of Havas EHS’ great commitment to deliver truly innovative offerings to its clients across the globe,” says Mark Smith, Ph.D., President of Provenir’s customer listening division.

About Havas EHS

Havas EHS is a leading UK digitally-driven creative agency, with the single-minded mission of being the best in world at creating and delivering ideas, powered by data, for the digital world.

With offices in London and Cirencester and sitting in the global Havas network, Havas EHS is built on a well-proven foundation of 25 years of world-class direct, digital, CRM and data expertise. With a clear focus of innovation and being ahead of the market the agency has created FULCRM: a bespoke approach to client needs which successfully marries data, creative and digital solutions to create effective and engaging customer experiences. If a fulcrum is the support about which a lever pivots, then FULCRM is the experience about which a brand pivots. Its clients include TSB, Diageo, Simple, Dove, Unilever, easyJet, Volvo, Subway, Pets at Home, Peugeot, e.on and Tesco Clubcard.

About Provenir

Provenir is a pioneer in Big Data listening and engagement solutions and global provider of a cloud-based real-time customer engagement hub that enables brands, often through their agencies, to orchestrate omni-channel customer journeys across existing touch points, systems and data. Different from campaign-based approaches, the solution gives brands the ability to rise to the challenge of the Age of the Customer, by proactively listening for comments, events and “moments of truth” and turning them into immediate, interactive, individual experiences that truly engage. For more information please visit www.provenir.com/listening, and follow us on Twitter @ProvenirEngage.