Veenome Partners With Ad Server Innovid – Video Contextual and Viewability Data in Agencies’ and Brands’ Hands for the First Time

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Veenome recently announced our partnership with leading interactive pre-roll creator and ad-server Innovid. Veenome will deliver data concerning the content of the videos to Innovid to help run their campaigns.  The delivery includes contextual data, in the form of IAB content categories and brand safety categories, as well as Veenome’s unique viewability solution.

While new partnerships are always interesting in the world of online advertising, our partnership with Innovid is particularly interesting due to what it means for the future of how the industry operates.   This partnership is another step forward for agencies and brand advertisers, who increasingly are becoming a part of the data game in online and digital advertising, as our contextual data will be available to Innovid’s clients. Secondly, this data positions Innovid to provide their clients with the most transparent view of their ad-buys, as they will also deliver brand safety and viewability data.

The majority of Veenome’s customers use our data in their own decision-making, whether it is to increase targeting or lift CPMs or ensure brand safety —contextual and viewability data are useful in the video ad-serving process.  Innovid is also making our data available to their agency and brand advertiser clients.  The data, therefore, will be used for ad-serving and during the campaign-planning stage; which is not something that we, nor adtech in general, have done before.

In addition, while viewability has definitely moved to the forefront of the larger adtech conversation, Innovid is also taking transparency to a whole new level.  Before agencies had to ‘trust’ their adtech counterpart to properly serve ads on both viewable and safe impressions. Innovid is now voluntarily delivering not only a guarantee, but the data to back it up.

We believe that our partnership with Innovid showcases the future of adtech.  The ubiquity of data is only expanding as more and more players within the industry realize the positive affect is has on every aspect of the advertising process.