Smart AdServer Launches Mobile RTB+ Solution

Paris – Smart AdServer, the advertising technology platform, is enhancing its position as a leading mobile advertising platform with a real time bidding solution that is completely and intelligently integrated into its premium ad serving product.

Smart AdServer has led the mobile advertising market since 2009, and after launching its RTB+ solution focused on desktop inventory last June, continues to innovate in 2014: the RTB+ mobile solution allows all of its mobile clients to generate additional revenue thanks to real time inventory buyers. The platform includes a holistic end-to-end Yield solution that intelligently optimizes campaign performance, for both direct and computerized sales.

Smart AdServer is already showing promising results with its Mobile solution as it provides access to one of the largest RTB inventory on the European market, with more than a billion mobile impressions per month on Apps and Mobile Web.

Prestigious brands like Free, Mbrand3 and have been using this Mobile solution to access new buyers and monetize a greater share of their mobile inventories.

The three main advantages of the solution:

RTB+ ad server integration:
In one click, without having to update any applications, publishers can simply and quickly activate real time buying for all Mobile inventory that they would like to make available to RTB buyers, which can run concurrently in addition to their direct sales.

Complete control:
Publishers can make up to 100% of their inventory available in RTB – with various levels of transparency – while maintaining control of prices and advertising by using granular and precise settings.

Maximizing revenue:
The holistic approach allows overall optimization of all premium and programmatic sales channels. Publishers also receive analysis and price recommendation insights as well.

“In a buzzing mobile advertising market, our RTB+ product increases your chances of monetizing mobile content, while enabling publishers to control their inventory for increased value. We are certain that our solution will contribute to the emergence of the Mobile RTB market, given our large client base.”, says Cyrille Geffray, CEO.

About Smart AdServer
Created in 2001, Smart AdServer is a premium ad serving and RTB integrated advertising management platform. It allows publishers to monetize all their digital inventory: Web, Mobile and Video. Thanks to its innovative technology and its high quality service, Smart AdServer already has over 450 loyal clients on five continents, and 11 offices worldwide.